The Sanskrit-English Exercise Key (Lesson 21):


1. Robbers shot arrows at the brother.

2. If people would follow rules of the scriptures and the tradition, they would be praised by holy men.

3. Vaishyas let make their living by agriculture, trade or cattle-breeding.

4. Let one not board a questionable boat.

5. If you die in Ganga's water then you obtain heaven.

6. Sons-in-law let serve fathers-in-law, daughters-in-law [let serve] mothers-in-law, daughters and sons [let serve] parents.

7. Brahmins let not cross the sea on ship (pass.).

8. "Be not conquered by enemies," say the people to the king.

9. There arose fight on the boats.

10. Let boys (Du.) play in the garden.

11. Let a new mat for son's teacher be done!

12. Do not rejoice at death, do not rejoice at life, just await the time like a servant the order.

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The English-Sanskrit Exercise Key (Lesson 21):


1. mitrani sada smaryeran |

2. bhaktya guruh wisyairabhyudyeta |

3. bhayadapyanrtaj nodyeta |

4. naryah wiwavawca nagaramaniyeran |

5. navinani kavyani racyeran |

6. adyaiva devalaye pujacaryeta |

7. brahmanah krsya sevaya ca na varteranniti wastresu pathyate |

8. nara bhayadviramerannaribhiryudhyeyuwca |

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