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prajba-paramitayam uktah mantrah
      |                  |                    |              |
   N.f.             N.f.               N.m.       N.m.
      |__________|                    |________|


ukta-, mfn.: said (ppp. of vac-),


The mantra was proclaimed in the Perfection of Wisdom.

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    This sentence causes us some difficulties. "In the perfection of wisdom" seems to suggest that this mantra was already described and used in some other text of the vast Prajbaparamita corpus. But actually we can not find it anywhere else but here. We could of course suppose some hypothetical lost Prajbaparamita texts, but have no knowledge about them.
    Some authors therefore translate this passage as "The mantra was proclaimed BY the Perfection of Wisdom", meaning here The Wisdom personified, as a sort of deity. The only trouble with this otherwise very elegant solution is the usage of the Locative in the word "prajbaparamita". If the authors had the meaning "by" in mind, they would have used the Instrumental.

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