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iti prajba-paramita-hrdayam samaptam
|           |              |                  |                  |
part.  N.f.         N.f.             N.n.            N.n.
|           |________|  
|                  |______________|                   |
|                             |___________________|


iti, part.: introducing direct speech

samapta-, mfn.: completed (ppp. of sam+ap-) 


Thus, the heart of the perfection of wisdom is completed. 

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    This sentence of the prajba-paramita-hrdaya-sutra brings us to the end.
    It should be kept in mind while reading this commentary, that it is only a short introduction, just sentence-by-sentence notes on the text. There is an extensive library on this subject - so for those who are interested in further study, it should be very easy to find the literature.

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