The Sanskrit-English Exercise Key (Lesson 10):


1. A gem comes together with a gem.

2. When the birds see a hunter they suddenly take off.

3. Seers search for the truth in the hearts.

4. Rama marries Hari's daughter.

5. The wives (Du.) of Vishnu and Hari are coming with daughters.

6. Rama and Vishnu take refuge in the gods.

7. When people die in the Ganga they obtain heaven.

8. Seer's wife gives food to the daughter.

9. Hunters in the forest discharge arrows on bears and two black ones die.

10. Shudras do not understand the language of twice-borns.

11. Students, today you obtain alms in the city streets from the wives of the holy men.

12. Here in the shade there are many birds.

13. The seer initiates fighter's sons (Du.).

14. King with the army goes out of the city.

15. Here on the field the birds fly together.

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The English-Sanskrit Exercise Key (Lesson 10):


1. wisyo grhasthasya bharyaj bhiksamarthayate |

2. prayage gavga yamuna ca sajgacchete |

3. papa manusya svargaj na labhante |

4. rane nrpah watrunparajayati |

5. atra rathyayaj nrpau krsnabhyamawvabhyamavarohatah |

6. devanyajamahe na tu haraye yajamah |

7. guroh padayoh wisyo nisidati vedabwiksate ca |

8. girau bahavo vrksa rohanti |

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