The Sanskrit-English Exercise Key (Lesson 14):


1. The seers here shine with peace.

2. In the Vedas and many scriptures righteousness is being taught.

3. In the night we did not get sleep.

4. The king acquired much fame through courage.

5. You (Pl.) obtain deliverance by merit.

6. The king in the battle threw many arrows on enemies.

7. Today there was a quarrel amongst citizens.

8. By the king's wisdom, the quarrel of fighters was pacified.

9. The castes of Shudras are counted as low.

10. Amongst the castes of twice-borns, the brahmins are foremost.

11. The Dharma leads to well-being.

12. You (Du.) are fighters by birth.

13. The king gave to the brahmin a part of the land.

14. The horses got tired and fell to the ground.

15. In the night, a robber came and stole money.

16. Flies want wounds, kings want wealth,
low ones want quarrel, righteous ones want peace.

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The English-Sanskrit Exercise Key (Lesson 14):


1. sadhvinaj narinaj bhaktya visnustusyati |

2. bahvinaj jatinaj nara gramesvavasan |

3. gopa vanesu dhenurapalayan |

4. bhutaye wivaj namami |

5. balesu ramo buddhya ca dhrtya ca wobhate |

6. vanasyante prthvi nadyavahat |

7. buddherbalena watrubjayasiti pauro nrpatimavadat |

8. prthivya dhanaj janesu na tu vasusviti wruyate |

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