The Sanskrit-English Exercise Key (Lesson 15):


1. "You protect the whole earth," replied the sage to the king.

2. The king was restrained from a sin by the seer.

3. Hari's wife gave birth to beautiful sons.

4. Luck (Pl.) always serves to a wise man.

5. Enemies (Du.) transgressed king's order.

6. Lotus is the dwelling of [goddess] Shri.

7. Men overcome suffering by the power of reason.

8. The chariot is driven by Rama.

9. Poet's house shines by wealth.

10. Children (Du.), you are called by the mother.

11. The seer stared at the sun.

12. With teacher's permission, students (Du.) sat down on the mat.

13. The sage meditates upon Lord's creation.

14. In the fields grows ("appears") grain.

15. Teachers compose books and students write manuscripts.

16. "With the wife, [the goddess] Shri was led into the house," said (pass.) the man.

17. From greed arises anger, from greed desire is born,
from greed [there
is] delusion and destruction, greed is the cause of sin.

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The English-Sanskrit Exercise Key (Lesson 15):


1. wrirudadherajayata |

2. wveta dhenuh kuto 'labhadhvam |

3. bahavo vyaghra gaja rksawca tatradrwyanta |

4. ramasya janako janaih sadasmaryata |

5. kanya udyanajjananyahuyanta |

6. yada nrpo brahmanaih samabhawata tada nagaraj pratyagacchat |

7. kada nrpateh putro 'jayata |

8. vyaghre bahavah wara amucyanta |

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