The Sanskrit-English Exercise Key (Lesson 16):


1. Let the king win and protect subjects for a long time.

2. Go (Du.) to Kashi or Pataliputra and dwell there happily.

3. Teachers let sit on chairs, but students on the floor.

4. "Fighters, throw spears, discharge arrows and punish the bad enemies," orders the ruler angrily.

5. Let him ask the guest where did he spend the night.

6. "Let students (Du.) come to repeat the lesson," is teacher's order.

7. Let teacher show the boy the road to deliverance.

8. Many people came from the villages to see god's statue.

9. Vaishyas, by all means respect the brahmins.

10. Look, how many people die there in the battle.

11. Let the students say no lie to the teacher.

12. Give [me] food, mother.

13. Practise the law, not unrighteousness, speak truth, not lie,
look far,
not close, look at the highest, not at the lower.

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The English-Sanskrit Exercise Key (Lesson 16):


1. wastranyabhyasyata satyaj vadata ceti wrutih wisyanadiwati |

2. suta awvanma pidayantu |

3. narah wikharamarohantu naryawcadhyastattisthantu |

4. annaj yaccha tateti balo janakamarthayata |

5. adyaivagaccha he putriti janako 'vadat |

6. wiwavah pathikaya margaj diwantu |

7. nara vapij khanantu |

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