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Konow, Sten  


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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Buddhist Poetry Thought and Diffusion Bailey, H. W.; Hackmann, Heinrich; Konow, Sten 2010.01.01
  Lexicographical Notes: Words Beginning with H, Konow, Sten Journal of the Pali Text Society 1906-7
  Pali Words Beginning with `S' Konow, Sten; Andersen, Dines; Andersen, Dines Journal of the Pali Text Society 1909
  Remarks on the Khotanese Jatakastava Konow, Sten Indian Historical Quarterly 1940.06
  The Aparimitayuh Sutra, the Old Khotanese Version and the Sanskrit Text and the Tibetan Translation Konow, Sten Manuscript Remains of Buddhist Literature Found inEastern Turkestan 1916
  The two first chapters of the Dasasahasrika prajnaparamita; restoration of the Sanskrit text, analysis, and index Konow, Sten 1941