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陳帥  (本名)


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Alternative Names:

Chen Shuai (本名)


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  一源八脈:漢傳佛教諸宗 陳帥 2014.06.01
  對「空」之闡述的探索 -- 論《不真空》之評破即色宗=Explore the Method to Establish ‘Sunyata' -- On the Criticism upon the School of Jise (Matter-as-Such) in the Treatise on the Unreal-Void 趙悠 (著)=Zhao You (au.); 陳帥 (著)=Chen Shuai (au.) 新世紀宗教研究=New Century Religious Study 2012.09
  漢傳、日本因明學對「合」的理解: Anvaya 還是 Upanaya?=The Understanding of He in Chinese and Japanese Hetuvidyā: Anvaya or Upanaya? 陳帥 (著)=Chen Shuai (au.) 臺大佛學研究=Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies 2017.12
  窺基注疏中的理論整合:以《因明大疏》中對二宗依的解釋為例=The Integration of Theories in Kuiji’s Exegesis: Based on the Interpretation of the Two *Pakṣāśrayas in His Commentary on the Nyāyapraveśa 陳帥 (著)=Chen Shuai (au.) 國立政治大學哲學學報 2018.01