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從兩類《央掘魔羅經》探討聲聞經大乘化的詮釋學策略=How Did Mahayana Buddhism Reform Savaka Sutta?: On Mahayana's Hermeneutical Strategies by two Kinds of Buddhist Paradigms of Angulimala Sutta
Author 呂凱文 (撰)
Source 佛學研究中心學報=Journal of the Center for Buddhist Studies
Pages31 - 84
Publisher國立臺灣大學佛學研究中心=The Center for Buddhist Studies, National Taiwan University
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword央掘魔羅=Angulimala; 典範轉移=Shift of Paradigm; 擬態=Mimicry; 詮釋學=Hermeneutics; 未曾有法=Abbhuta Dhamma

The Buddhist story of Angulimala who once to be a murder and later conver ted as a saint is known well around. By comparing with two kinds of Buddhist paradigms of Angulimala Sutta and analyzing their narrative structures and elements, this paper will tell the identity and difference of Angulimala stories between three versions of literatures, ie. Savaka sutta, Jataka story and Mahayana sutta. Moreover, we will point out the difference of Amgulimala stories between Savaka sutta and Jataka story is a kind of 'quantitative change' which effects no shift of Buddhist paradigms. But the difference shown in Mahayana version's Angulimala story is not only a kind of 'quantitative change', but also is a kind of 'qualitative change', for it causes the shift of Buddhist paradigms and changes Savaka paradigm into Mahayana paradigm. Further, we examine and make clear the strategic which Mahayana version reform Savaka sutta can be said as 'Hermeneutical Tactic of Mimicry'. We conclude that Savaka Buddhism is parasitized by Mahayana Buddhism and becomes an object who was converted by Mahayana Buddhism.
Table of contents一、問題提出 35
(一)聲聞經的大乘化問題 35
(二)佛教典範轉移與文本實踐的詮釋學策略 35
(三)題材選擇與本文結構 36
二、央掘魔羅的當代理解 37
三、聲聞經的央掘魔羅形象 41
(一)央掘魔羅相關的聲聞經 41
(二)央掘魔羅的姓氏與身世 45
(三)央掘魔羅的殺人原由與經過 46
(四)央掘魔羅的人間形象 47
1.遇波斯匿王 49
2.遇婦女產難與以諦語安產 52
3.安忍受報與人間形象 54
4.聲聞經的央掘魔羅形象 55
四、本生譚的央掘魔羅形象 55
(一)央掘魔羅相關的本生譚 55
(二)本生譚的央掘魔羅形象 57
1.《增一阿含經31:6 經》本生譚 57
2.《賢愚經》「無惱指鬘品」本生譚 59
3.《六度集經》「普明王經 」本生譚 63
4.本生譚的央掘魔羅形象 66
五、大乘經的央掘魔羅形象 68
(一)大乘《央掘魔羅經》的敘事結構分析 69
(二)大乘《央掘魔羅經》「共有的」與「新添的」敘事元素分析 74
(三)大乘《央掘魔羅經》的「擬態」詮釋學策略 77
六、結論 81
ISSN10271112 (P)
Created date2006.12.11
Modified date2022.02.10

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