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In Simple Terms: 108 Dhamma Similes
Author Chah, Venerable Ajahn ; Thanissaro Bhikkhu
PublisherMetta Forest Monastery
Publisher Url
LocationValley Center, CA, US
Content type書籍=Book
AbstractAjahn Chah was a master at using the apt and unusual simile to explain points of Dhamma. The translations of these similes have been polished as little as possible, for their unpolished nature is precisely what reveals unexpected layers of meaning. This book is a companion to It’s Like This.
Table of contentsTable of Contents
Titlepage 2
Copyright 3
Photo 4
Quotation 5
Introduction 6
Your Real Home 8
To the Ocean 8
Groundwater 8
It’s All Right Here 9
Elephants, Oxen, & Water Buffaloes 9
The Roots 9
The Lost Wallet 10
Wagon Wheels, Wagon Tracks 10
A Block of Ice 11
Children, Bullets 11
The Tail of the Snake 12
The King of Death 13
The Beginning Is the End 13
Leaves 14
Colored Water 14
Orphaned 14
Why It’s Heavy 15
A Hypodermic Needle 15
Meat Stuck in Your Teeth 16
A Thirst unto Death 16
Poking a Red Ants’ Nest 17
A Frog on the Hook 17
A Sense That Your Arm is Short 17
Rowf! Rowf! Rowf! 18
The Dog on a Pile of Unhusked Rice 18
Mange 19
Maggots 20
Rivers 20
The Chicken & the Duck 21
Salt That’s Not Salty 21
The Lonely Path 22
A Thorn 22
Carrying a Rock 22
A Splinter 23
Groping for Fish 24
A Spittoon 25
Peels & Husks 26
Doing the Math 27
The Broken Glass 28
Salt 28
An Upside-down Basin 29
A Leaky Basin 29
Water in a Jar 29
A Mold 30
Vines 30
A Cup of Dirty Water 31
Picking Mangoes 31
Your Inner Tape Recorder 31
Balloons 32
No Match for an Ox 32
The Heart Its Own Teacher 32
Water & Oil 33
Supposed Monks, Genuine Monks 33
Making Tables & Chairs 34
The Millipede 34
Sweeping 35
Planting Peppers 35
The Way to the Monastery 35
Medicine 36
Rubbing Fire Sticks 36
The Key of Meditation 36
Hot & Cold 37
Against the Flow 37
The Cat 37
Work First, Wages Later 38
Eating Sugarcane 38
The Fence 38
In the Shape of a Circle 39
Fires & Floods 39
Putting Down the Glass 40
The Poisoned Banana 40
Studying vs. Going into Battle 40
The Hand 41
Written Words 41
Falling Out of a Tree 42
The Knife 42
Learning How to Write 43
The Child & the Adult 43
A Stick 43
Painting a Picture 44
The Food You Like 44
Catching a Lizard 45
Water Drops, Water Streams 45
Herding Water Buffalo 46
Beating the Buffalo 46
Teaching a Child 47
Standard Form 47
Sowing Rice 47
Teaching a Child 48
Sending off a Relative 48
Keeping Watch 49
Receiving Visitors 50
Chicken in a Cage 50
A Mischievous Child 51
Living with a Cobra 51
Leaving the Cobra Alone 51
A Kiln 52
Fallen Mangoes 52
The Spider 53
Wild Chickens 54
Monkeys 55
The Tree Pulls Itself Down 56
Heavy Lifting 56
Bottled Water, Spring Water 56
Still, Flowing Water 57
The Log in the Canal 57
Waves Coming Ashore 57
The Saw 58

Created date2009.10.01
Modified date2017.04.21

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