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梵本《中論頌 月稱註》(淨明句論)研究序論
Author 釋惠敏 (著)=Shih, Hui-min (au.)
Source 華岡佛學學報=Hwakang Buddhist Journal
Pages329 - 354
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword月稱; 淨明句論; 中觀學派; 中論; 清辨; 應成派; 自續派
Abstract十九世紀末梵本《中論頌. 月稱註》(淨明句論) 在尼
學研究新的里程碑. 但在中國佛教界對這件事幾乎沒什
麼反應,於月稱論師等中後期中觀學者亦陌生得很. 如何踏
出第一步,這是本「序論」之旨趣. 本論分為三部份來介紹
生平與著作介紹. 然後討論印度佛教中觀學派的思想及論證
最後提出一些問題供日後研究參考用. 第二部份「『中論頌
註釋家. 接著便討論現存七本註釋的漢譯,藏譯,梵本之存
否,及簡介各本的特色與問題討論. 希望從此中了解漢譯中
觀學文獻之特點與缺失. 最後,第三部份「近代梵本《中論
頌. 月稱註》(淨明句論) 之翻譯」中,先介紹《淨明句論
》的發現,整理. 但主是討論近年來歐洲與日本方面學者
們在《淨明句論》翻譯的成果比較. 最後,簡介《中論頌》
突破. 在總結的部份,提出個人對中國佛教的一些感觸與祈

Since the Sanskrit version of
`Mula-madhyamika-vrtti-prasannapada` was discoverd
in Nepal in late nineteenth century,this work with
commentary written by Candrakirti in the seventh
century has become a milestone in `madhymika`
studies. Chinese Buddhist schorals, however,have
hardly shown any response to the discovery,and they
are not familiar with those `madhymika` schorals
emerging after Candrakirti. The paper aims at
arousing Chinese interest in this field.

This paper is divided into three parts. The
first part,"Candrakirti and the `Madhyamika` School
,"is related to Candrakirti's life and writings,
and the evolution of `madhyamika` philosophy and
dialects in Indian Buddhism.

The second part,"A Survey of the Commentaries
to `Mula-madhyamika-vrtti-prasannapada`,"is a
discussion on the characteristics and problems of
the various commentaries existing in Chinese
translation,Tibetan Translation,or Sanskrit
original form.

The last part,"the Translation of the Recently
Discovered Sanskrit Version of
`Mula-madhyamika-vrtti-prasannapada`,"deals with
the discovery of the version and the translation and
research done by Japanese and Europeon scholars in
relation to this book. In conclusion,the author
also makes some suggestions about Chinese Buddhism.
Table of contents第一、月稱論師與中觀學派 331
一、龍樹菩薩與「中論頌」 334
二、「中論頌」的註釋與中觀學派的成立與分流 335
三、瑜伽行中觀派 338
結論 339
第二、「中論頌」註釋本之考察 339
一、「無畏論」(Akutobhayā) 340
二、青目釋.「中論」四卷 341
三、無著著.「順中論」二卷 341
四、安慧釋「大乘中觀釋論」十八卷 342
五、佛護釋.「根本中論註」 343
六、清辨釋.「般若燈論」十五卷 343
七、月稱釋「淨明句論」(prasannapadā) 344
結論 344
第三、近代梵本「中論頌.月稱註」(淨明句論)之翻譯 345
一、「淨明句論」的發現 345
二、「淨明句」論的整理 346
三、「淨明句論」的翻譯 346
四、「中論頌」的翻譯與研究 349
總結 349
Created date1998.07.22
Modified date2017.08.22

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