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Author 釋惠敏 (著)=Shih, Hui-min (au.)
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type其他=Others
Keyword研究報告=Research Report; 釋惠敏=Shih, Hui-min; 認識論=Epistemology; 唯識二十論釋疏; 佛教=Buddhism; 藏文=Tibetan; 唯識=Vijñāna

印度學者調伏天(或譯為:律天)的《唯識二十論釋疏》(梵本已佚,目前只有藏譯而無漢譯)是根據世親菩薩的《唯識二十論》(詩頌)及其自釋《唯識二十論釋》(散文)注解而成的.《唯識二十論釋疏》保留了世親菩薩的立論精神,不加入調伏天個人的宗派理論色彩,而只是忠實地注解每一詞,每一句,對想了解世親菩薩的唯識思想及有志於學習藏文佛典者來說,是極佳的入門書. 故初步以之為教材編製及思想研究的對象,希望藉此能提供適合國人學習的實用教材.

就思想而言,以《華嚴經 十地品》中的「三界所有,唯是一心」(大正10,194a)為教理依據而開展的唯識思想,它究竟要傳達什麼訊息呢?它是要說明:一切的外境(三界),均是由心及諸心所變現出來的,離開心及諸心所外,並無實有的外境. 然而為無明(愚癡)所障蔽的有情,並不了解這點,從無始以來一直將「由心變現的外境」執為「存在心外的實有外境」,因此對不實的悅意對境產生貪著,對不實的不悅意對境產生敵對或瞋恚,而對非實有的中庸對境,雖不起貪,瞋,然而仍脫離不了無明的束縛. 由於無明,所以不停地造作有漏的善,不善,無記等引發不斷受生於輪迴的業(行為); 因業的成熟,而不斷地在六趣中領受到苦苦,壞苦,行苦等三種痛苦. 而要從無明的睡眠中醒來,就須了解「唯識」的道理. 什麼是「唯識」呢?就是「已離能,所二取的心及諸心所」,亦即「離開心及諸心所外,並無實有的外境」,而這正是「法無我」所要開示的內容. 透過現證法無我,並配合自利利他的六波羅蜜多的修習,行者最終將可斷除所知障而證得佛果,這也是唯識思想的究極目標.

藏文佛典的基礎研究 -- 配合當代歐,美,日等國學者的研究成果,整理《唯識二十論釋疏》中的重要唯識思想為<三. 譯注導論>,使唯識思想成佛學研究者的基本常識,期能為國內相關的譯注研究完成鋪路的工作.
2. 藏文佛典教材的提供 -- 本教材目前初步已完成了:藏文版本(《北京版》及《德格版》)校勘及藏文中譯. 至於科判分段,文法解析,注解說明,思想探討,詞彙索引,及相關文獻的介紹...等等,也已完成了雛型,有待日後繼續研究發展.

Research on Tibetan Buddhist texts is still just beginning here in Taiwan. We have a great need for more teaching materials to assist in language acquisition and increasing familiarity with Tibetan Buddhist texts. In view of this, the Chinese translation of Tibetan version 唯識二十論釋疏 which is dealt with in this research appears.

Indian scholar Vinitadeva (調伏天)'s 唯識二十論釋疏is a commentary of both 唯識二十論 and 唯識二十論釋 of Vasubandhu (世親). It preserves the spirit of Vasubandhu's works. None of the tenet theory hue of Vinitadeva is added into this commentary. It just truthfully annotates word for word. Therefore,it is an excellent text for those who wish to realize the thought of Mind-only of Vasubandhu and have a mind to learn Tibetan Buddhist works, which is why I have chosen it for compiling teaching material and researching thought. I hope that through researching on this work,practical teaching material suited to local needs may be developed.
With regard to the thought of Mind-only,which is based on the doctrine of "All of the Three Realms are Mind-only" (三界所有,唯是一心) within 華嚴經 十地品,what messages it will send? It intends to elucidate "all of outer circumstances are products of inner consciousness (including minds and mental factors)". Apart from consciousness, there are no real external circumstances. However,most of the sentient beings, who have been obscured by ignorance from time without beginning,don't know this. So,they always mistake "the products of inner consciousness" for "real external circumstances which exist outside of inner consciousness". And then they cling to all sorts of wrong ideas which create karma and lead to suffering in the future.
I have planed to complete the following main topics:
1. Basic research on Tibetan Buddhist texts
2. Providing Tibetan Buddhist teaching materials
Created date2000.12.07
Modified date2020.11.16

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