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梵本《唯識二十論》研究(I)=A Study on the Sanskrit Text of "Twenty Verses of Mind-Only Theory" (I)
Author 釋惠敏 (著)=Shih, Hui-min (au.)
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type其他=Others
Note執行機構:藝術學院共同科,計畫編號:NSC86-2411-H119-001,研究期間:85年08月 ~ 86年07月
Keyword唯議論=Mind-only Theory; 梵文=Sanskrit; 認識論=Epistemology; 佛教經典=Sutra
Abstract國內梵語佛典之研究仍處起步階段,急需更多的教材,以輔助梵語之學習,及梵語佛典解讀能力之養成。《唯識二十論》乃唯識學重要典籍之一,加以世親(5世紀,西北印人)之行文簡潔,論理結構謹嚴,極適合有志於梵語佛典之學習者,故初步擬以之作為教材編制及研究的對象。希望藉此研究,提供適合於國人之實用教材。再就內容而言,本論主要是以二十首詩頌與散文,敘述在大乘佛法中,如何安立「三界唯識」的道理。「假如不是『萬法唯識、三界唯心』的話,會有什麼問題產生 ?敵論者會有那些質疑?」針對此,本論一一加以闡釋。再者,「內識生時,似外境現」,唯識家主張:認識外境(境:認識的對象)時,內在的認識能力扮演著極重要的角色;一般人無法直接認識外境,乃是透過內心所顯現的影象為媒介而認識的。但是凡夫無法覺證,所以有種種的錯誤執著而造業受苦。本研究主要採語言解析,包括構詞、句型分析,及文獻解讀、現存諸譯本(包括漢、藏)之比對等,並配合現代教育理念及教學原理,編製實用之梵語佛典教材。完成之主要項目如下:1. 梵語佛典之基礎研究:以原典解讀能力之訓練、養成為主,並具體地吸收歐美、日本現代佛學研究方法與成果,配合我們自身特有的條件一一善加利用前人所遺留之漢譯典籍,以開出我們自己的佛學研究天地。2. 梵語佛典教材之提供:針對國內目前學習環境,以梵本《唯識二十論》為始,編製適用於國人之教材。

Research on Sanskrit Buddhist texts is still just beginning here in Taiwan. We have a great need for more teaching material to assist in language acquisition and increasing familiarity with Sanskrit Buddhist texts. 唯識二十論 is an well organized classical work of Mind-only School. Vasubandhu (世親,active during the 5th century in northern India) wrote elegantly within a rigorous theoretical framework. This is an excellent text for those who wish to study Sanskrit Buddhist works, which is why I have chosen it for teaching and research. I hope that through research on this work, practical teaching material suited to local needs may be developed. The main content of this work is twenty poems and prose pieces which elucidate how to establish the doctrine of "Three Realms are Mine-only" (三界唯識) within the structure of Mahayana Buddhism. "If all dharmas were not products of consciousness, if the three realms were not the products of the mind, what problems would crop up?" This paper deals with these issues point by point. Next, the Mind-only school maintains that "when inner consciousness is raised, outer circumstances seem to appear" (the "circumstances" refer to the objects of cognition). When external circumstances are recognized, the internal cognition ability plays a vital role; most people are unable to recognize outer circumstances directly, but recognize them through the medium of images presented in the inner mind. But since common mortals are incapable of realizing reality, they cling to all sorts of mistaken ideas which create karma and lead to suffering.
This research concentrates on linguistic analysis, including terminology, sentence analysis, translations, and comparison of the various Sanskrit Chinese and Tibetan translations; I use modern teaching concepts and principles to furnish practical Sanskrit teaching materials. I have completed the following main topics:1. Basic research on Sanskrit Buddhist texts. Concentrating on developing the capability to read original texts, I have concretely incorporated current Buddhological methods and results from Europe, America, and Japan. I have not neglected our own particular qualifications: it is very convenient for us to use Chinese translations passed down through the ages, so that we may fashion our own domain of Buddhist studies. 2. Providing Sanskrit Buddhist teaching materials. I provide teaching materials based on the Sanskrit 唯識二十論 to meet the needs of the current local Buddhist studies environment.
Created date2000.12.08
Modified date2020.11.26

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