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宗教交談的理論與實際 -- 以「宗教與和平協進會」為案例的研究=The Theory and Practice of Inter-faith Dialogue--WCRP [World Conference on Religion and Peace], ACRP [Asia Conference on Religion and Peace], TCRP [Taiwan Conference on Religion and Peace] As
Author 鄭振煌 (著)=Cheng, Chen-huang (au.)
Source 第四屆中華國際佛學會議 -- 「佛教與廿一世紀」=The Fourth Chung Hwa International Conference on Buddhism: The Role of Buddhism in the 21st Century
Publisher中華佛學研究所=The Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies
Location臺北縣, 臺灣 [Taipei hsien, Taiwan]
Content type會議論文=Proceeding Article
Note第四屆中華國際佛學會議 -- 「佛教與廿一世紀」, 法鼓山中華佛學研究所主辦, 2002年1月18-20日, 中央研究院學術活動中心. The Fourth Chung Hwa International Conference on Buddhism:The Role of Buddhism in the 21st Century, Organized by Chung-Hwa Institute of Buddhist Studies, DDMBA; January 18-20, 2002, Auditorium of Acemic Activity Center, Acemia Sinica.
Keyword佛教與廿一世紀=Buddhism in 21st Century; 台灣宗教與和平協進會=Taiwan Conference on Religion and Peace; 宗教交談=Inter-faith Dialogue; 亞洲宗教與和平協進會=Asia Conference on Religion and Peace; 世界宗教與和平協進會=World Conference on Religion and Peace


本文將採文獻研究法,介紹近代宗教對談的歷史,及 WCRP (世界宗教與和平協進會),ACRP (亞洲宗教與和平協進會),TCRP (台灣宗教與和平協進會) 的發展及活動.

All major religions promoted love or compassion. However,due to the ignorance or fanaticism,religious people tend to over-praise their own religions and criticize others'. This results in religious conflicts or even wars, which threaten the world peace.

In both "Agama Sutra" and "Kalama Sutta" in Theravada, Buddha admonished disciples to respect other religions. Similar request was also found in the Edicts of King Asoka engraved on stone pillars in ancient India. Obviously,on killing is the first sacred precept in Buddhism.

This paper will apply the methodology of literature review to introduce the history of modern inter-faith dialogue and the development and activities of WCRP (World Conference on Religion and Peace),ACRP (Asia Conference on Religion and Peace) and TCRP (Taiwan Conference on Religion and Peace).
Table of contents一. 緒論
二. 佛教有關宗教交談與世界和平的理論
三. 宗教交談的發展史和理論
(一) 宗教交談發展史
1. 基督宗教附設或支持的宗教交談機構
2. 專職宗教交談團體
(1) 國際宗教自由協會
(2) 世界宗教會
(3) 了解寺
(二) 宗教交談的理論
四. 世界宗教與和平協進會
(一) 宗旨
(二) 歷史
(三) 活動
五. 亞洲宗教與和平協進會
(一) 宗旨
(二) 歷史
(三) 活動
六. 中華民國宗教與和平協進會
(一) 宗旨
(二) 歷史
(三) 活動
七. 結論

Created date2002.02.13
Modified date2016.08.18

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