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Hermit of Go Cliffs: Timeless Instructions from a Tibetan Mystic
Author Stearns, Cyrus R.
PublisherWisdom Publications
Publisher Url
LocationSomerville, MA, US [薩默維爾, 麻薩諸塞州, 美國]
Content type書籍=Book
KeywordTibetan Buddhism; Literature and Verse; Ko-brag-pa Bsod-nams-rgyal-mtshan, 1170-1249; Buddhist Spiritual Life, Early Works to 1800; Biography of Lamas in Tibet, Early Works to 1800; Buddhist Meditations, Early Works to 1800
AbstractGodrakpa (1170-1249) was, in his time, the famous yogi of Go Cliffs whose main practice was intensive meditation. He had a reputation for non-sectarian alliance that makes him an early forebear of the 'no boundaries' masters, such as Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo and Jamgon Kontrul. Godrakpa spent many years practising in some of the same caves as Milarepa, and indeed this new publication brings together a collection of 44 poetic songs with a style and content similar to his better-known precursor.

The songs are fresh and spontaneous, most avoid technical jargon, and many are profound and pithy:

Entering the Dharma circle is easy; weariness with samsara is hard.

Relying on solitude is easy; giving up things to do is hard.

As one might expect from a realised yogin, Godrakpa also combines humour with direct teachings. Stearns' translations are lucid, the Tibetan text is reproduced on facing pages, and black-and-white photographs of the Tibetan landscape complement and add atmosphere to the verses. This is a precious addition to the translated canon of yogi-songsters.
Table of contentsList of Illustrations
Preface and Acknowledgments
1.The Tradition
2.The Life
3.The Songs
Notes to the Introduction
1 From when I was first a small child
2 I'm beggar, I'm spiritual friend
3 For those who act from the heart according to Dharma
4 Since I'm beggar and spiritual friend
5 A yogi like the sky
6 Homage to the masters, my spiritual fathers
7 The birth of faith is easy
8 Homage ti the masters, my spiritual fathers
9 When there's no realization, these external appearances
10 This lord and master is like a guide for the blind
11 I take refuge in the kind lord
12 When clinging to a self among the aggregates hasn't been abandoned
13 The indisputable Kagyu
14 This youthful vitality is like a flower in spring
15 I'm this Langkor beggar
16 Homage to the precious masters
17 I'm a beggar yogi
18 In samsara, which is like a dream and illusion
19 Look, my son!
20 Even though you are rich with gems
21 Death is the mirror of mind
22 Learning is like a design in water
23 Homage to the masters
24 The drought of my own desires has vanished
25 External apprehended objects like the sky
26 Watching--watching the Khawo glacier in the upper valley
27 Both the nightingale and I
28 I'm the dakini of the heights of the sky
29 At first, when I was still at home
30 Springs erupt in the meadows during the three months of summer
31 For rulers with servants gathered as a retinue
32 This morning I came from the expanse of reality
33 No home to uphold
34 After guarding--guarding the home
35 Saffron root in the land of Kashmir
36 Body impermanent like spring mist
37 How do you people see the show?
38 When this beggar wasn't old, but young
39 External sky empty of substantiality and characteristic
40 Now what year is the year this year?
41 That spacious site of Tingri
42 Numerous planets and stars in the sky
43 On the vast plain of emptiness
44 Precious lord and kind master
Notes to the Translation
Created date2002.04.22
Modified date2016.12.29

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