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It’s Like This: 108 Dhamma Similes
Author Chah, Venerable Ajahn ; Ṭhānissaro, Bhikkhu
PublisherMetta Forest Monastery
Publisher Url
LocationValley Center, CA, US
Content type書籍=Book
AbstractAjahn Chah was a master at using the apt and unusual simile to explain points of Dhamma. He was especially talented at exploiting the open-ended nature of the simile - using a particular image to make one point in one context, and a very different point in another. This book is a companion to In Simple Terms.
Table of contentsTable of Contents
Titlepage 2
Copyright 3
Photo 4
Introduction 5
A Bird in a Cage 7
The Power of the Dhamma 7
The Language of the Dhamma 9
Open Your Eyes 9
Dyeing the Cloth 10
Remove the Weeds 10
Why Wait? 11
Awakening to the Dhamma 11
Knowledhe & Goodness 12
Goodness Without Discernment 13
Genuine Wealth 14
Seeing the Fullness 14
The Teacup 15
Pouncing on Fire 15
Learning about Fire 16
Teaching from the Top 16
Drop after Drop 17
Just Right 17
Everything Gathers in the Ocean 18
Coconut Water 18
Patience 19
The Dhamma in a Pot 20
Chickens Coming to the Monastery 21
Thieves 21
The Blind Person 22
don’t run along 22
The Salt of Mediation 23
Complete Food for the Mind 23
Moving the Glass 23
Better Than No Rice 24
The Chicken in the Cage 25
Only One Hole Open 26
The Water Cooler 26
Recognizing Fire 27
Looking for a Teacher 27
The Stick in the Stream 28
Addicted to Curry 28
Eating the Hook 29
The Tree in the Seed 30
Running in Circles 31
Lifting the Bowl 31
See for Yourself 32
Talk about Blindness 32
Your Duty 33
Sitting with a Cobra 33
The Spider 34
A Road Through the Wilderness 34
Roads to Pass By 34
Know One, Know Them All 35
Two Different Things 35
Killed by the Mind 36
Hiding in the Mind 36
Strength & Harmony 37
You Know You’re Full 38
Husk & Not-husk 39
What’s Wrong in What’s Right 40
Feeding Through the Mouth 41
Potters Beating Pots 41
Forcing the Fruit 42
The Turtle & the Snake 42
The Cow Knows the Field 43
Barking at Leaves 43
Dye in the Mind 43
Not Awfully Anything 44
Playthings for the Mind 44
The Balloon of Tranquility 45
The Balloon is Already Burst 46
When You Know How 47
The One Mango 47
The One Mango Explained 48
The Mango in Harmony 48
The Fluttering Mind 49
The Snake under the Cloth 49
Healing the Wound 50
The Stillness of Insight 50
Rocks in the Way 51
Killing Your Meditation 52
Staying at Home 53
Fix It Right Here 54
A Fish on Land 54
Overcoming Pain 55
Why Study? 56
The Name of the Fruit 57
Counting the Rootlets 58
Mr. A & the Letter A 59
What’s That? 60
The Farmer & the Cobra 61
Awakening to the Cobra 62
Our Responsibilities 63
Cleaning the House 64
Better & Better 65
The Compass 65
The Saltiness of Salt 66
Lead vs. Gold 66
The Thinking of Earthworms 67
Neither Large nor Small 68
Why 68
Grabbing Hold of a Dog 69
When the Bees Leave the Hive 69
Eating Out of the Shit-pot 70
The Parts of a Knife 71
Knowing In-between 71
When the Cabinet is Done 72
Our Own Affair 73
In the Cage 74
Filling the Glass 75
Mindfulness of Death 76
Created date2017.04.21
Modified date2017.04.21

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