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Dhamma Talks: III
Author Ṭhānissaro, Bhikkhu (著)=DeGraff, Geofrey (au.)
EditionCopyright © 2011
Publisher Url
Content type書籍=Book
Notefor free distribution
AbstractTranscribed Dhamma talks by Thanissaro Bhikkhu from 2003-2011 similar to those in the Meditations series, but which were never published as a book.
Table of contentsTable of Contents
Title Page 2
Talks 1-8 3
Anchored by Skillful Roots 3
Limitless Thoughts 9
Trustworthy Judgment 15
Informing the Whole Committee 20
Equanimity 25
Appropriate Attention 31
The Balance of Power 39
People Suffer from Their Thinking 46
Talks 9-16 54
Discernment 54
Right Livelihood 60
The Thinking Cure 65
Energy & Efficiency 70
On Not Being a Victim 74
Doing, Maintaining, Using 78
Before Your Face Was Born 83
The Riddle Tree 88
Talks 17-24 94
Close to What You Know 94
Practicing Your Scales 101
Feeding Frenzy: Dependent Co-arising 107
Goodwill All Around 115
Truths of the Will 121
Taking Responsibility 127
Living Forwards, Understanding Backwards 134
Overwhelmed by Freedom 142
Talks 25-32 149
A Refuge from Modern Values 149
Two Kinds of Middle 154
Shoot Your Pains with Wisdom 160
Wilderness Wealth 166
Disenchantment 171
In the Land of Wrong View 176
Right Mindfulness 182
The Best of a Bad Situation 188
Talks 33-40 195
Five Strengths 195
The Humble Way to Awakening 201
Ignorance 207
In Terms of the Four Noble Truths 212
Faith in the Buddha's Awakening 217
Fabricating against Defilement 223
Feeding Your Attack Dogs 228
Against Your Type 235
Talks 41-48 241
Thoughts with Fangs 241
A Slave to Craving 246
The Wounded Warrior 251
The Ennobling Path 257
The Wisdom of Tenacity 265
Arising & Passing Away 272
Turtle Meditation 277
True Protection for the World 282
Talks 49-56 288
To Be Your Own Teacher 288
The Context for No Context 294
The Uses of Equanimity 301
There is This 308
Facing Your Responsibilities 314
Xtreme Drama 318
In Charge of Your World 324
Giving Meaning to Life 330
Talks 57-64 334
The Brahmaviharas on the Path 334
Goodwill First & Last 341
A Stranger to Your Thoughts 347
Achieving Balance 352
Beyond Inter-eating 358
The Karma of Pleasure 363
The Rivers of Karma 369
The Luminous Mind 375
Talks 65-72 382
Values 382
The Freedom to Give 391
The Lotus in the Mud 398
Balancing Tranquility & Insight 404
Success on the Path 412
Inconstancy 418
The Will to Awaken 425
The Limits of Old Kamma 434
Talks 73-79 441
The Buddha's Investment Strategy 441
A Soiled, Oily Rag (Three Perceptions in Context) 447
Taking Charge 454
Views & Vision 459
No Happiness Other than Peace 466
Insight into Pain 475
Metta Means Goodwill 483
Additional Resources 489
Terms of Use 490
Created date2017.04.21
Modified date2017.05.10

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