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The Sublime Attitudes: A Study Guide on the BrahmavihāRas
Author Ṭhānissaro, Bhikkhu
PublisherMetta Forest Monastery
Publisher Url
LocationValley Center, CA, US
Content type書籍=Book
AbstractThe sublime attitudes (brahmaviharas) are the Buddha’s primary heart teachings—the ones that connect most directly with our desire for true happiness. They’re the qualities of heart that motivated the Buddha to find awakening and then to teach the path of awakening to others. At the same time, they function as part of the path itself.
Table of contentsTable of Contents
Titlepage 2
Copyright 3
Introduction 4
I : Head & Heart Together 4
II : In the Context of Right View 5
III : seven misunderstandings 13
Misunderstanding # 1: Mettā means love or lovingkindness. 14
Misunderstanding # 2: The practice of the brahmavihāras is a form of prayer. 18
Misunderstanding # 3: Mettā is best expressed by acts of uncritical tenderness. 18
Misunderstanding # 4: The brahmavihāras are part of the innate nature of the human heart. 21
Misunderstanding # 5: Other people deserve our mettā, either because of their own innate goodness or because we are all one. 22
Misunderstanding # 6: The brahmavihāras are purely heart qualities, needing no input from the analytical mind. 24
Misunderstanding # 7: The brahmavihāras are, in themselves, a complete path to awakening. 27
Readings 31
1. Mettā Defined 31
2. Prayer vs. Resolve 39
3. Mettā in Words & Deeds 48
4. The Nature of the Heart & Mind 53
5. Motivation for the Brahmavihāras 56
6. Fabricating Skillful Mind States 67
Antidotes to Anger & Ill Will 69
Antidotes to Partiality 75
7. Further Practice 92
Glossary 109
Abbreviations 111
Created date2017.04.25
Modified date2017.04.25

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