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The Wings to Awakening: An Anthology from the Pali Canon
Author Ṭhānissaro, Bhikkhu (譯)=DeGraff, Geofrey (tr.)
EditionCopyright 1996 Ṭhānissaro Bhikkhu, revised Sixth Edition, 2010
PublisherMetta Forest Monastery
Publisher Url
LocationValley Center, CA, US
Content type書籍=Book
AbstractThe 37 Wings to Awakening were the Buddha’s own summary of his teachings. This book contains sutta translations organized by topic and with relevant discussion by the author. The internal cross-references are hyper-linked in the epub & mobi versions.
Table of contentsTable of Contents
Titlepage 2
Copyright 3
Quote 4
Acknowledgments 5
Abbreviations 6
Preface 8
A Table of the Wings to Awakening 15
I. The Seven Sets 15
II. The Factors of the Seven Sets classed under the Five Faculties 17
Introduction 19
The Buddha’s Awakening 19
The Buddha’s Teachings 26
I. Basic Principles 38
A. Skillfulness 38
B. Kamma & the Ending of Kamma 55
II. The Seven Sets 74
A. The Treasures of the Teaching 74
B. The Four Frames of Reference 88
C. The Four Right Exertions 120
D. The Four Bases of Power 138
E. The Five Faculties 151
F. The Five Strengths 167
G. The Seven Factors for Awakening 169
H. The Noble Eightfold Path 188
III: The Basic Factors 202
A. Conviction 202
B. Persistence 218
C. Mindfulness 218
D. Concentration: Abandoning the Hindrances 218
E. Right Concentration 238
F. Concentration & Discernment 262
G. Equanimity in Concentration & Discernment 276
H. Discernment: Right View 285
i. The Four Noble Truths 292
ii. The First Truth 303
iii. The Second & Third Truths 314
iv. The Fourth Truth 351
Glossary 356
Pali-English 356
English-Pali 358
Created date2017.04.26
Modified date2017.05.12

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