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評議《大毘婆沙論》之性別觀=Critiques of the Gender Issue in Abhidharma Mahāvibhāṣā Śāstra
Author 釋悟殷 =Shih, Wu-yin
Source 法印學報=Journal of Dharma Seals
Pages31 - 62
Location桃園縣, 臺灣 [Taoyuean hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Author: Assistant Professor, Department of Religion and Culture, Hsuan Chuang University; Teacher of Buddhist Hongshi College
Keyword女眾出家=bhikkhunis; 正法久住=Dharma’s forever lasting; 婆沙論=Abhidharma Mahāvibhāṣā Śāstra; 大丈夫=manliness; 比丘尼身影=nuns’ figures

While Shakyamuni Buddha was alive, his maternal aunt Mahāprajāpatī Gautamī (摩訶波闍波提) entered the Buddhist monastic system (出家) as the first bhikkhuni. Then, the Buddhist Sangha started a renewal, which means the Sangha of bhikkhus and bhikkhunis have been made unified since then. Among the Tripitaka (or The Buddhist Canons 三藏教典) are a great number of bhikkhunis, who were not only prominent at hearing, contemplating, cultivating, and realizing the Buddha’s teachings (聞思修證) but also attained full enlightenment. At that time, they were so distinguished at every field that the Buddha paid a great deal of compliment on them. However, in the Abhidharmapiṭaka (阿毘達 磨論藏), there was little information about “the Buddhist nuns”. Meanwhile, there were still few records about them in the Chinese monks who went on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures during their journeys to India. Where on earth have the bhikkhunis gone? The present paper aims at searching for their whereabouts.
Firstly, in the logical theory, this paper discusses the correlation between “bhikkhunis (女眾出家)” and “Dharma’s forever lasting (正法久住)” and the reasons why Dharma (正法) would either exist or expire. Besides, in the historical events about the Dharma’s extinction, this paper explains whether it is everyone’s responsibility to keep Dharma (正法) working and whether it is ideology (意識型態) when there is the blame on someone or some part of it. Secondly, from the classical statements and worldly discriminations about the nuns’ figures (身影) stated by the author of Abhidharma Mahāvibhāṣā Śāstra and seen by the Chinese sutra-exploring monks (取經僧), the reasons why the bhikkhunis were disappearing at the very time will be studied and explored here.
Table of contents一、前言 34
二、理論的邏輯檢視──「女眾出家」與「正法久住」 34
(一)正法 35
(二)論藏所記正法住世與毀滅之原因 38
(三)造成正法毀滅的歷史事件 41
(四)小結 44
三、比丘尼身影的經典陳述與現實落差 45
(一)論主轉述經典中的比丘尼身影 45
1、修證解脫 46
2、問答法義 47
3、大丈夫 49
4、捨壽自在 51
5、間接圓滿彌勒金色相 53
(二)取經僧所見的比丘尼身影 53
(三)論主視線下,比丘尼銷聲匿跡 57
四、結語 58
ISSN22241299 (P)
Created date2020.06.11

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