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「婚姻平權」議題的佛法論述=The Dharma Discussion on the Issue of “Marriage Equality”
Author 釋昭慧 (著)=Shih, Chao-hwei (au.)
Source 玄奘佛學研究=Hsuan Chuang Journal of Buddhism
Pages1 - 22
Publisher Url
Location新竹市, 臺灣 [Hsinchu shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword婚姻平權=Marriage Equality; 同性婚姻=same-sex marriage; 同性戀=homosexual; 異性戀=heterosexual; 邪淫=sexual misconduct; 家=family; 非家=non-families

As the Buddhist perspective on the issue of“Marriage Equality,” I will express in the sixkey aspects as follows:
1. The Buddhist common wish is for every living being to be released from sufferings and achieve happiness. If a person who is a homosexual and feel that having a marriage would be better, Buddhists should then give them our blessings and accomplish them and not be allowed to increase their suffering.
2. Regardless of same-sex or opposite sex, there are two elements in their relationship: “love” and “desire.” “Desire” is an inborn
ability in all living beings.“Love” starts from “self-love” and arose from “what I like.”Both are neither good nor bad in nature, and have no “sacred ingredients.” Therefore, heterosexuality should not obstruct the same-sex marriage on the grounds of the“sacredness”of marriage.
3. Regardless of homosexual or heterosexual love, we must control our “desire”and sublimateour “love,” and purify this kind of “love”
into gratitude and compassion.
4. Love has a strong “mutually dependent” trait. Marriage is a legalization of “ interdependence. ” In terms of temperance desire,
purifying and sublimating feelings, marriage has its powerful effect, that is, treating spouse as a “family members” who support each other and have gratitude and compassion for his/her spouses.
5. “ Family ” has many important values, but the value of “home” should not be infinite. There have been many non-families in the
history of mankind, creating the most splendid civilization of human society, including the Buddha, Jesus and many tourist practitioners. Therefore, it is not appropriate for those who oppose same-sex marriage to advertise the sole value of “home" and to monopolize the right to "get married."
6. “Sexual misconduct” has two elements: first, it has a negative impact on the innocent, and second, excessive sensation of sensory
enjoyment. Therefore, homosexual Buddhists may not violate the “sexual obscenity." Moreover, it is ridiculous to blocking homosexuals from getting married, including non-Buddhists, on the grounds of “ Sexual misconduct.”
Table of contents一、前言 5
二、支持「婚姻平權」的佛法論述 8
(一)回歸佛法重心——令眾生「離苦得樂」 8
(二)駁斥「業障論」 9
(三)無論同性或異性,其戀情有兩個要素:「情」與「欲」 10
(四)「情」與「欲」是每個人的生命功課 12
(五)婚姻在節制、淨化與昇華情欲方面有其具體功效 12
(六)「家」有價值,但「家」的價值不應無限上綱 14
(七)同志佛教徒不必然違犯「邪淫戒」 14
三、戒律問題解析:同志是否犯「邪淫」 16
(一)由僧律轉入在家戒法 16
(二)與人為善的制戒宗旨 18
四、結語 19

ISSN18133649 (P); 18133649 (E)
Created date2021.01.19

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