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The Asian Classics Input Project (ACIP) was founded by Geshe Michael Roach, an American Gelug professor, who launched the earliest transcription project of Tibetan literature.

They have trained lamas in Sera Monastery, India to manually key the Tibetan texts in Roman phonetic alphabets and check the transcriptions for four times. The edition of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon they use is the Derge edition. Then, with several transcribing tools, they can turn the texts into Tibetan alphabets. So far, they have not finished half of the input of the Tibetan Buddhist Canon, but ACIP also transcribe several other Tibetan works by Gelug masters.

The Tibetan Buddhist Canon consists of a wide range of works, including topics of philosophy, history, etc. Their origins are from over twenty authors and fifteen countries. Lamas who work with ACIP on this input project will decide which part of the Canon to be released.

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經藏 (Kangyur-甘珠爾) 論藏 (Tengyur-丹珠爾)

經藏 (Kangyur-甘珠爾)
in English
in Chinese
Basis of Vowed Morality 根本說一切有部毘奈耶事(七部) 律部類 包括出家、安居等七事
Divisions of Vowed Morality 根本說一切有部毘奈耶 律部類 藏文名為律分別
Heart Sutra 般若波羅蜜多心經 般若部類  
Journey of Langka 入楞伽經 經集部  
Sutra of Heaven of the Happiness 佛說阿彌陀經 寶積部  
Sutra of Vimalakirta 維摩詰所說經 經集部  
Sutra on Immeasurable Light 大寶積經無量壽如來第五 寶積部  
Sutra on the Perfection of Wisdom in 25000 Verses 大般若波羅蜜多經 般若部類 藏文名為般若兩萬頌
Sutra on the Vows of Individual Freedom 解脫戒經 律部類  
The Exalted Sutra of the Greater Way entitled _A Commentary on the Intent of the Sutras 解深密經 經集部  
The Exalted Sutra of the Greater Way entitled _The Sutra of Cosmic Play 方廣大莊嚴經 本緣部  
The Exalted Sutra on the Perfection of Wisdom entitled _The Diamond Cutter 金剛經 般若部類  
The Exalted Sutra on the Perfection of Wisdom in 8000 Verses 小品般若波羅蜜經 般若部類 藏文名為般若八千頌
The White Lotus Sutra 妙法蓮華經 法華部  
Catalog to the Kangyur Derge Edition 甘珠爾德格版目錄    
Catalog to the Kangyur Lhasa Shol Edition 甘珠爾拉薩版目錄    

論藏 (Tengyur-丹珠爾)
in English
in Chinese
A Brief Presentation of The Levels of Deep Practice-Part I 瑜伽師地論攝抉擇分 瑜伽部  
A Brief Presentation of Vowed Morality 根本薩婆多部律攝 律部類  
A Commentary upon The Analysis of the Objects of Perception 觀所緣緣論 瑜伽部 藏文中此部為觀所緣緣論的註釋,但在中文中沒有差別
A Treatise on Valid Perception entitled Entering the Study of Reasoning 因明入正理論 論集部類 藏-陳那,漢-商羯羅主
An Analysis of the Objects of Perception 觀所緣緣論(本頌) 瑜伽部  
An Explication of The Essence of Dependent Origination 因緣心論釋 論集部類  
Autocommentary to the Treasure House of Knowledge 阿毘達磨俱舍論 毘曇類  
Brief Items from The Levels of Deep Practice 瑜伽師地論攝異門分 瑜伽部  
Commentary upon Distinguishing the Middle and the Extremes 辨中邊論 瑜伽部  
Sixty Verses on Reasoning 六十頌如理論 中觀部類  
The Higher Line, a Classical Commentary of the Greater Way 究竟一乘寶性論 瑜伽部  
The Levels of Bodhisattvas, from The Levels of Deep Practice 瑜伽師地論本地分菩薩地瑜伽處戒品 瑜伽部  
The Levels of Deep Practice 瑜伽師地論本地分部分 瑜伽部  
Treasure House of Knowledge 阿毘達磨俱舍論本頌 毘曇類  
Turning Back Dispute, a Text Set in Verse 迴諍論 論集部類  
Twenty Verses on the Greater Way 大乘二十頌論 中觀部類  
The Lamp of Wisdom, a Commentary to The Root Text on the Middle Way 般若燈論釋 中觀部類 中文經典中為分別明菩薩
Wisdom, a Root Text on the Middle Way, Set in Verse 中論根本頌 中觀部類  
A Commentary on the Treatise entitled Sections of Parts 解卷論 瑜伽部 中文經典中作者為陳那菩薩
A Treatise Entitled Sections of Parts 解卷論本頌 瑜伽部
Commentary to The Measure of the Hand 掌中論 瑜伽部 中文經典中作者為陳那菩薩
A Treatise Entitled Measure of the Hand, Set in Verse 掌中論本頌 瑜伽部
Presentation of the Problems That Could Prevent Development of Single-Pointed Concentration 大乘大集地藏十論經無依行品第三 大集部  

from the Asian Classic Input Project (ACIP)


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