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Publisher: 財團法人夏荊山文化藝術基金會 Place of Publication: 臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei City, Taiwan] ISSN: 2412-6233
Frequency: annual=年刊 Volume Date: n.1(2016.03)- Website: http://www.xjsacf.com/TW/Showroom02/ugC_ShowroomItem.asp
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Journal Description: 本刊每期訂定不同主題,對外徵集與邀請藝術界及學術界之學者專家撰寫投稿,深入探討夏荊山的生平、佛像繪畫、書法藝術、篆刻與藝術美學等

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Title Author
 文以載道:夏荊山晚年鍾馗創作與傳統書畫的對話=Culture as a Vehicle of Moral Instruction: Dialogue Between Zhong Kui by Xia Jing Shan in His Later Years and Traditional Calligraphy and Painting [Fulltext]
王舒津 =Wang, Shu-jin
 聖與俗的象徵建構 ── 以夏荊山居士的〈竹林七賢圖〉為分析=Symbolic Construction of The Sacred and the Profane: Analysis Based on Xia Jing Shan’s Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove [Fulltext]
范俊銘 =Fan, Chun-Ming
 住世護法,佈施福田 ── 淺談夏荊山〈十八羅漢圖〉的表現 方式與其對貫休「禪月樣」羅漢圖式的繼承與拓展=Safeguarding the World, Giving Brings Blessings: A Preliminary Study on the Mode of Expression on Xia Jing Shan’s The Eighteen Arhats and How He Inherited and Further Developed Changyue Style’s Arhat Imagery [Fulltext]
王超 =Wang, Chao
 黑水城遺存《父母恩重經》卷首畫研究=A Study on Sutra of Filial Piety Illustrations from Remnant Manuscripts Found in Khara-khoto [Fulltext]
崔紅芬 =Cui, Hong-fen ; 文志勇 =Wen, Zhi-yong


n.8 [2019.09Published]

Title Author
 北魏關中地區佛教造像風格的多元化=Diverse Buddharupa Styles from Northern Wei Dynasty Guanzhong Area [Fulltext]
常青 =Chang, Qing
 夏荊山筆下的文殊普賢二菩薩圖像試析=Analysis of Bodhisattvas Mañjuśrī and Samantabadhra Paintings by Xia Jing Shan [Fulltext]
陳清香 =Chen, Ching-hsiang
 印度佛教偶像起源再探=A Further Inquiry into the Origin of Buddhist Icons in India [Fulltext]
何志國 =He, Zhi-guo
 墨韻詩意.禪畫寒拾 ── 論夏荊山「寒山拾得圖像」之筆墨表現=Zen Painting With Poetic Ink Expressions - on Xia Jing Shan’s Notable Ink Brushwork in His Hanshan and Shide Paintings [Fulltext]
楊偵琴 =Yang, Zhen-Qin


n.7 [2019.03Published]

Title Author
 達摩祖師形神之美研探 —— 以夏荊山居士之畫作為例=Examining the Form-spirit Aesthetics of Bodhidharma – With Case Studies on Xia Jing Shan’s Paintings [Fulltext]
 宗教、政治、藝術競合之效應省思 ——以伊朗禁樂政策為例=Reflection on the Coopetition Effects Between Religion, Politics, Art – With a Case Study on Music Censorship in Iran [Fulltext]
 武當山道茶之研究:重檢武當山騫林樹、騫林茶的道茶文獻與其丹道實踐=Thesis on Taoist Tea from Wudang Mountains: Reexamining Taoist Tea Literature on Qianlin Tea Tree and Qianlin Tea from Wudang Mountains and Its Alchemic Traditions [Fulltext]
賴賢宗 (著)=Lai, Hsien-tsung (au.)
 夏荊山書法藝術探討=Exploring Xia Jing Shan’s Calligraphy Art [Fulltext]
陳孟誼 (著)=Chen,Meng-I (au.)


n.6 [2018.09Published]

Title Author
 禪與石濤之筆墨表現析論=Analysis on Zen and Shi Tao’s Ink Expressions [Fulltext]
 跨界藝術傳達的潛在心理認知:以張大千居士與夏荊山居士之高仕圖(1961 年) 為分析=Latent Cognition Conveyed Through Trans-boundary Art: With Case Studies on Paintings of Gentlemen by Zhang Daqian and Xia Jing Shan(1961) [Fulltext]
 刻石研究面向之再思:以龍門造像記為例=Reexamining the Studies of Stone Carvings with Case Studies on the Statuary of the Longmen Grottoes [Fulltext]
邱國峯 (著)=Chiu, Kuo-Fong (au.)
 夏荊山居士鍾馗系列畫作藝術探究=Preliminary Studies on Xia Jing Shan’s Zhong Kui Painting Series [Fulltext]
邱嘉瑩 (著)=Chiu, Chia-Ying (au.)


n.5 [2018.03Published]

Title Author
 佛教禪宗與書法 —— 禪思神融會書法表現之探討=Zen Buddhism and Calligraphy : On Zen Spirit-Integrated Calligraphic Expressions [Fulltext]
 論佛教文化對於中國戲曲形成之影響=Buddhist Culture’s Impact on the Development of Chinese Opera [Fulltext]
孫玫 (著)=Sun, Mei (au.)
 夏荊山《莊嚴寶像》題畫文辭探析 —— 兼論臺灣古典詩中的題畫之作=Examining Xia Jing Shan’s Dictions of Solemn Deity Inscribed on Paintings and Discussion on Taiwanese Classical Poems Inscribed on Paintings [Fulltext]
顧敏耀 (著)=Gu, Min-yao (au.)
 從鄭玄與朱熹注「繪事後素」 探討孔子的文質觀與人格美學=Examining Confucian’s Concept on Form and Quality and Human Aesthetic from Zheng Xuan and Zhu Xi’s Takes on the Theory “The paintwork is executed on top of the white background” [Fulltext]
孔令宜 (著)=Kung,Ling-I (au.)


n.4 [2017.09Published]

Title Author
 行雲自在 ── 夏荊山〈白衣觀音〉對南宋牧谿畫作的承繼與開拓=The Unstrained - Inheriting and Exploring Song Muqi's Paintings in the Southern Song Dynasty by Xia Jing Shan's 'White-robed Guan Yin' [Fulltext]
 書畫茶事=Calligraphy,Painting, and Tea Ceremony [Fulltext]
 中華當代茶道的本體美學及其實踐=The Aesthetics Essence and Practices of Contemporary Chinese Tea Ceremony [Fulltext]
賴賢宗 (著)=Lai, Hsien-tsung (au.)
 釋聖嚴藝術觀點之探究=A Study on Sheng Yen's Perspective on Art [Fulltext]


n.3 [2017.03Published]

Title Author
 夏荊山與江曉航的觀音佛畫藝術初探=A Preliminary Study into the Guanyin Buddhist Arts of Xia Jing-Shan and Chiang Hsiao-Hung [Fulltext]
楊偵琴 (著)=Yang,Chen-Chin (au.)
 江曉航居士觀音佛像畫的傳承探索=A Study on Heritage and Exploration of Guanyin Painting Works of Master Chiang Hsiao-Hung [Fulltext]
陳孟誼 (著)=Chen,Meng-I (au.)
 不「知」不「覺」,淺析中國佛像畫展示的傳播理念 ─ ─ 以夏荊山中國佛像畫為例="Unawareness" and "Unconsciousness"- A study on the Communication Concept of Chinese Buddha Painting Exhibitions ── Examples of Xia Jing Shan's Chinese Buddha Painting Works [Fulltext]
蔡靜野 (著)=Tsai,Ching-Yeh (au.)
 原型圖像的召喚 ─ ─ 生命蛻變之後的藝術創作救贖歷程以夏荊山佛像藝術價值為例 ─ ─=Calling of Prototype Image-Artistic Creation and Salvation Process after Life Transformation-A Case Study of Artistic Value of Xia Jing Shan's Buddha Painting [Fulltext]


n.2 [2016.09Published]

Title Author
 交匯的新起點:文化x創意 —— 以夏荊山書畫藝術為例=A New Convergent Point: Culture x Creativity─ A case study of Xia Jing Shan’s painting art [Fulltext]
陳昱宏 (著)=Chen, Yu-hung (au.)
 夏荊山觀音佛畫之研究=A Study on Xia Jing Shan’s Buddhist Paintings [Fulltext]
楊企霞 (著)=Yang, Chi-hsia (au.)
 夏荊山佛教繪畫之「羅漢像」風格淺評=A Brief Discussion on “Arhats Painting” of Xia Jing Shan’s Buddhist Paintings [Fulltext]
陳炳宏 (著)=Chen, Bing-hung (au.)
 發現夏荊山佛畫境界在視覺藝術的創新與明心 =Discovery of Innovation and Insights of Xia Jing Shan’s Buddhist Painting Themes in the Field of Visual Art [Fulltext]
莊麗華 (著)=Chuang, Li-hua (au.)


n.1 [2016.03Published]

Title Author
 拜觀夏荊山居士中國佛像畫集有感=Reflection on Viewing Master Xia Jing Shan’s Chinese Buddhist Painting [Fulltext]
黃華源 (著)=Huang, Hua-yuan (au.)
 心靈的方向 —— 夏荊山佛教書畫賞析=The Direction of Soul and Mind--Appreciation of Xia Jing Shan’s Buddhist Painting [Fulltext]
王俊盛 (著)=Wang, Chun-sheng (au.)
 文化傳承與創新:夏荊山其人其事與佛畫藝術析論=Cultural Restoration and Innovation: The Life Story of Jing-Shan Xia and His Buddhist Painting [Fulltext]
侯皓之 (著)=Hou, Hau-chih (au.)
 夏荊山羅漢圖管窺=A Study on Xia Jing Shan’s Arhats [Fulltext]
沈政乾 (著)=Sheen, Jeng-chyan (au.)