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Title Author
 無量心法門:《達摩多羅禪經》的論述及其在日本佛教的發展=Immeasurable Devices: Their Treatment in the Damoduoluo chanjing and Further Distillation in Japanese Zen [Fulltext]
米歇爾.莫爾 (著)=Michel Mohr (au.)
 合流:慈悲修行在佛教與世俗脈絡下的接受與調適=Confluence: Adoption and Adaptation of Loving-Kindness and Compassion Practice in Buddhist and Secular Contexts [Fulltext]
倪丹恩 (著)=Dawn P. Neal (au.)
 自他的利益:佛教倫理學中個人與自利的重要性=Benefit of Self and Other: The Importance of Persons and their Self-Interest in Buddhist Ethics [Fulltext]
史蒂芬.詹金斯 (著)=Jenkins, Stephen Lynn (au.)
 《菩薩地》與《大乘莊嚴經綸》之四無量心及其運用於心理學量表與腦影像之研究=The Four Immeasurables in the Bodhisattvabhūmi and Mahāyānasūtrālaṃkāra and their Implementation in a Measuring Scale for a Study of Brain Imaging [Fulltext]
釋惠敏 (著)=Huimin, Bhikkhu (au.)
 慈悲與腦神經科學:挑戰與契機=Neuroscience of Compassion: Challenges and Opportunities [Fulltext]
漢迪歐 (著)=Diego Hangartner (au.)
 《阿含經》與《尼柯耶》中的悲憫=Compassion in the Āgamas and Nikāyas [Fulltext]
無著比丘 (著)=Bhikkhu Analayo (au.)


n.15 [2014.12Published]

Title Author
 PSE Economics: From Inner Peace toGlobal Peace=心靈環保經濟學:二十一世紀的心經濟主張 [Fulltext]
 「讚佛偈」:兼論《雜阿含經》、《別譯雜阿含經》與《相應部》異同 [Fulltext]
蘇錦坤 (著)=Su, Ken (au.)
 On the Five Aggregates (5):ATranslation of Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 103 to 110=五蘊之研究:漢譯《雜阿含經》103 至110 經之英文譯註 [Fulltext]
Bhikkhu Analayo (著)=Ven. Analayo (au.)


n.14 [2014Published]

Title Author
 On the Five Aggregates (4) ─ A Translation of Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 33 to 58=五蘊之研究 ──漢譯《雜阿含經》33至58經之英文譯註 [Fulltext]
Bhikkhu Analayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
 How Free is the Bodhisattva in Deliberate Rebirth?=菩薩如願轉生 [Fulltext]
宗玉媺 (著)=Choong, Yoke-meei (au.)
 A Translation of a Discourse Quotation in the Tibetan Translation of the Mūlasarvāstivāda Vinaya Parallel to Chinese Saṃyukta-āgama Discourse 36 and of the Discourse Quotations in Śamathadeva's Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā Parallel to Chinese Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 39, 42, 45, 46, 55, 56, 57 and 58=藏譯《根本說一切有部毗奈耶》中《阿含經》引文對應漢譯《雜阿含經》第36經暨安止天所著《俱舍論註雜錄》中對應漢譯《雜阿含經》第39、42、45、46、55、56、57、58經之譯註 [Fulltext]
Dhammadinnā, Sāmaṇerī (著)=沙彌尼法樂 (au.)
 欲識玄玄公案,黃粱未熟以前:從《谷響集》看明季滇僧徹庸周理的思想淵源與精神境界 =To Understand the Mysteriously Abstruse Gong'an, Before the Yellow Millet is Cooked: The Source of the Late-Ming Yunan Monk Cheyong Zhouli's Thought and His Mental State from the Viewpoint of Collection of the Valley's Echo [Fulltext]
廖肇亨 (著)=Liao, Chao-heng (au.)


n.13 [2013.12Published]

Title Author
 On the Five Aggregates (3): A Translation of Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 59 to 87=五蘊之研究:漢譯《雜阿含經》59至87經之英文譯註 [Fulltext]
Bhikkhu Analayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
 A Translation of the Quotations in Śamathadevaʼs Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā Parallel to the Chinese Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 61, 71, 73, 77, 79 and 81=安止天所著《俱舍論註雜錄》中對應漢譯《雜阿含經》第61、71、73、77、79、81經之譯註 [Fulltext]
Dhammadinnā, Sāmaṇerī (著)=沙彌尼法樂 (au.)
 梵本《大乘莊嚴經論》慈悲喜捨(17 品.第 17-28 偈)譯注與考察=A Study and Annotated Translation of Verses 17-28-regarding Loving-kindness, Compassion, Empathic Joy, and Equanimity-in Chapter 17 of the Sanskrit Text Mahāyānasūtrālaṃkāra [Fulltext]
釋惠敏 (著)=Huimin, Bhikkhu (au.)
 The Maiden Who Fell in Love with a Thief: Considerations on the Story of the Nun Bhaddā Kuṇḍalakesā=愛上竊賊的女子:跋陀比丘尼故事的探究 [Fulltext]
Alberto, Todeschini (著)=阿爾伯特.托德斯基尼 (au.)


n.12 [2013.06Published]

Title Author
 《華嚴經》 四十卷本中的勇猛菩薩行:兼參八十卷本〈離世間品〉=The Vigorous Practice of the Bodhisattva in the Forty-Fascicle Huayan Jing with Reference to the Chapter on the “Other-worldly” in the Eighty-Fascicle Huayan Jing [Fulltext]
張文玲 (著)=Chang, Wen-ling (au.)
 On the Five Aggregates (2): A Translation of Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 256 to 272=五蘊之研究:漢譯《雜阿含經》256至272經之英文譯註 [Fulltext]
Bhikkhu Analayo (著)=無著比丘 (au.)
 A Translation of the Quotation in Śamathadeva's Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā Parallel to the Chinese Saṃyukta-āgama Discourse 265=安止天所著《俱舍論註雜錄》中對應漢譯《雜阿含經》第265經之 譯註 [Fulltext]
Dhammadinnā, Sāmaṇerī (著)=沙彌尼法樂 (au.)
 中國佛教寺廟志數位典藏系統之建置=The Construction of Digital Archive of Chinese Buddhist Temple Gazetteers [Fulltext]
洪振洲 (著)=Hung, Jen-jou (au.)


n.11 [2012.12Published]

Title Author
 東晉「敬王之爭」考評=Re-examining the Debate over a Buddhist Monastic's Bowing to the Emperor in the Eastern Jin Dynasty [Fulltext]
 東晉「 敬王之爭」考評=Re-examining the Debate over a Buddhist Monastic's Bowing to the Emperor in the Eastern Jin Dynasty [Fulltext]
顧偉康 (著)=Gu, Wei-kang (au.)
 On the Five Aggregates (1):A Translation of Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 1 to 32 =漢譯《雜阿含經》1至32經之英文譯註 [Fulltext]
無著比丘 (譯)=Bhikkhu Analayo (tr.); 釋惠敏 (前言)=Shih, Hui-min (fwd.)
 A Translation of the Quotations in Śamathadeva's— Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā Parallel to the Chinese Saṃyukta-āgama Discourses 8, 9, 11, 12, 17 and 28—=安止天所著《俱舍論註雜錄》(Abhidharmakośopāyikā-ṭīkā)中與漢譯《雜阿含經》第8、9、11、12、17、28 經對應之譯註 [Fulltext]
Dhammadinnā, Sāmaṇerī (著)=沙彌尼法樂 (au.)


n.10 [2012.06Published]

Title Author
 論天台、華嚴「觀心」思想之交涉與轉變:以《華嚴經》及《大乘起信論》的詮釋為中心 [Fulltext]
郭朝順 (著)=Guo, Chao-shun (au.)
 心不相應行「得法」之研究 [Fulltext]
周柔含 (著)=Chou, Jou-han (au.)
 《釋摩訶衍論》考:兼論《大乘起信論》的真偽 [Fulltext]
 佛學數位資源的建置與開展 [Fulltext]
杜正民 (著)=Tu, Aming (au.)


n.9 [2011.12Published]

Title Author
 所知障是無明或無知?:在東亞唯識學與印-藏中觀學之間(下) [Fulltext]
劉宇光 (著)=Lau, Lawrence Y. K. (au.)
 甘肅卓尼藏族「魯神」圖形核心內涵之研究 [Fulltext]
 以心身安頓為著眼對「住地」的哲學檢視:做為佛教住地學說的奠基工程 [Fulltext]
蔡耀明 (著)=Tsai, Yao-ming (au.)


n.8 [2011.06Published]

Title Author
 從圖像學角度探討成都南朝佛像與犍陀羅、秣菟羅、笈多佛像造型藝術流派的關係 =An Iconographic Comparative Study of Buddhist Sculptures from Chengdu during the Chinese Southern Dynasties and Buddhist Sculptures of Gandhāra, Mathurā, and Gupta [Fulltext]
胡文成 (著)=Hu, Wen-cheng (au.); 胡文和 (著)=Hu, Wen-he (au.)
 所知障是無明或無知?在東亞唯識學與印-藏中觀學之間(上)=Is Obstruction of Knowledge Misconception or Not-knowing? From the Perspectives of East Asian Vijñānavāda and Indo-Tibetan Mādhyamika (Part I) [Fulltext]
劉宇光 (著)=Liu, Lawrence Yu-guang (au.)
 漢譯佛典語法之「相違釋」複合詞考察:以玄奘所譯《瑜伽師地論》為主=An Inquiry into the Chinese Translations of Sanskrit Coordinative Compounds in the Buddhist Canon: Based Mainly on Xuanzang?s Translation of the Yogācāra-bhūmi-?āstra [Fulltext]
釋惠敏 (著)=Shih, Hui-min (au.)


n.7 [2010.12Published]

Title Author
 說一切有部的世俗道斷惑論=The Theory of Laukikamārga Destroying Delusion in the Sarvāstivādin School [Fulltext]
周柔含 (著)=Chou, Jou-han (au.)
 空際無影,香中有情:八指頭陀詠梅詩中的禪境 [Fulltext]
黃敬家 (著)=Huang, Jing-jia (au.)
 上座部觀禪的原動力=The Dynamics of Theravāda Insight Meditation [Fulltext]
無著比丘 (著)=Bhikkhu Analayo (au.)
 二諦之區別與空之三要點:以《明句論》第二十四章為主 [Fulltext]
釋見弘 (著)=Shih, Jien-hong (au.)


n.6 [2010.06Published]

Title Author
 《入楞伽經》的心身不二的實相學說:從排除障礙的一面著手 [Fulltext]
蔡耀明 (著)=Tsai, Yao-ming (au.)
 『佛説大安般守意經』における「本文」と「註」の解明(三):「五力」から「四解依」まで=『佛説大安般守意經』之「經文」與「註」的解明(三):從「五力」到「四解依」=Distinguishing Text from Annotations in "Foshou Da Anban Shouyi Jing T602" (Part Three) [Fulltext]
釋果暉 (著)=Shi, Guo-huei (au.)
 佛學數位資源的服務功能:以藏經目錄資料庫的建置為例=Functionality of A Buddhist Digital Resource Service: Using the Construction of the Tripitaka Catalogues Database as an Example [Fulltext]
杜正民 (著)=Tu, Aming (au.)


n.5 [2009.12Published]

Title Author
 「佛説大安般守意經」における「本文」と「註」の解明〔二〕:「浄」から「五根」まで=Distinguishing Text from Annotations in "Foshou Da Anban Shouyi Jing T602"(Part Two) [Fulltext]
釋果暉 (著)=Shi, Guo-huei (au.); 洪鴻榮 (著)=Hung, Hung-lung (au.)
 道綽、善導的懺悔觀:以末法觀念及念佛三昧為核心=Dàochuò and Shàndǎo's Concept of Repentance: The End of Dharma and the Samādhi of Buddha Recitation as the Core of Discussion [Fulltext]
陳劍鍠 (著)=Chen, Chien-huang (au.)
 「淨名杜口」之理趣:通析《維摩詰經》之「入不二法門」之義蘊=The Significance of Vimalakīrti's Silence: An Analysis of "Advayadharmamukhaprave?a" in the Vimalakīrtinirde?a [Fulltext]
唐秀連 (著)=Tang, Xiu-lian (au.)
 人間佛教的道家觀點:以聖嚴法師為例=Taoist Thoughts in Master Sheng Yen's Philosophy [Fulltext]
高毓婷 (著)=Kao, Yu-ting (au.)


n.4 [2009Published]

Title Author
 說一切有部的斷惑理論=Sarvāstivādin's Theory on the Destruction of Delusion [Fulltext]
周柔含 (著)=Chou, Jou-han (au.)
 佛教懺悔法門之「逆轉」情節 -- 以《大方等陀羅尼經》為例=The Conversely-transformed Episodes in Buddhist Confession Methods: basing on The Da fangdeng tuoluoni jing [Fulltext]
釋惠敏 (著)=Shih, Hui-min (au.)
 七世紀中葉至八世紀初地藏造像論考=Textual Research on Ti-tsang's Images in the period of 651-712 C.E. [Fulltext]
尹富 (著)=Yin, Fu (au.)
 王陽明與蕅益智旭《大學》功夫論之研究=A Study in Interpretation by Wang Yangming(王陽明)and Ouyi Zhixu(蕅益智旭)of the Theory of Practice in the Great Learning [Fulltext]
王和群 (著)=Wang, He-chun (au.)
 佛學的宇宙觀與人工智慧的哲學問題=Buddhists Cosmology and Philosophical Issues of Artificial Intelligence [Fulltext]
歐陽彥正 (著)=Oyang, Yen-Jen (au.)


n.3 [2008.12Published]

Title Author
 『佛說大安般守意經』における「本文」と「註」の解明=To Distinguish Text from Annotations in “Foshou Da Anban Shouyi Jing T602” [Fulltext]
釋果暉 (著)=Shi, Guo-huei (au.)
 宋初天臺宗對「請觀音懺」的檢討=A Review of Tiantai sect's Ritual of Invoking Kwan-yin (Avalokite?vara) for Repentance in Early Sung China [Fulltext]
蔣義斌 (著)=Chiang, Yi-bin (au.)
 唐代《佛頂尊勝陀羅尼經》的譯傳與信仰=The Translation and Popularization of Buddho??ī?avijayadhāra?ī Sūtra in T'ang Dynasty [Fulltext]
林韻柔 (著)=Lin, Yun-jo (au.)
 生死輪圖像的水車起源及其在大乘佛教裏的演變=The Origin of Waterwheel in the Saṃsāracakra (Wheel of Life) and its Transformations in Mahāyāna Buddhism [Fulltext]
朱天舒 (著)=Zhu, Tian-shu (au.)
 兩宋社會菁英家庭婦女佛教信仰之再思考(下篇)=Rethinking Women's Piety towards Buddhism: The Case of Song Elite Families, Part II [Fulltext]
黃啟江 (著)=Huang, Chi-chiang (au.)
 中亞西半部七世紀前後佛教藝術風貌 -- 以《大唐西域記》與近代考古為依據=The Style and Features of the Buddhist Art in the West-Central Asia around the 7th Century: Based on the Da Tang Xi Yu Ji and Modern Archeological Findings [Fulltext]
張文玲 (著)=Chang, Wen-ling (au.)


n.2 [2008.06Published]

Title Author
 龍樹語言策略之哲學詮解 -- 從漢譯《中論》之「說」字作線索=A Philosophical Interpretation of Nāgārjuna's Linguistic Strategy: With Special Focus on the Term “Speak” (shuo) in the Chinese Version of the Mūlamadhyamakākarikā [Fulltext]
林建德 (著)=Lin, Kent Chien-te (au.)
 論天台觀心詮釋的「理解」與「前見」問題=“Understanding”and “Prejudice”According to the Hermeneutics in the Tiantai “Contemplation of Mental Activity” [Fulltext]
郭朝順 (著)=Kuo, Chao-shun (au.)
 《清文繙譯全藏經》書名、修書機構、翻譯刊刻時間考=The Title, Publisher, and Dates of Translation and Printing of the Qingwen fanyi quan zangjing [Fulltext]
章宏偉 (著)=Zhang, Hong-wei (au.)
 「菩提心」用語成形前後的涵義探究 -- 以《般若波羅蜜經》前二品為主=The Pre-Terminological Expressions of Bodhicitta and Their Meanings in the First Two Chapters of the Prajñāpāramitā Sutras [Fulltext]
宗玉媺 (著)=Choong, Yoke-meei (au.)
 慧思禪觀體系中之般若觀行法門 -- 以慧思傳記及其著作中對《摩訶般若波羅蜜經》之引用及詮釋為中心=Huisi's Meditation System in Terms of his Interpretation and Practice of the Mohe bore boluomi jing 摩訶般若波羅蜜經 (Pañcaviṃ?atisāhasrikā-prajñāpāramitā sūtra) [Fulltext]
王晴薇 (著)=Wang, Ching-wei (au.)
 兩宋社會菁英家庭婦女佛教信仰之再思考(上篇)=Rethinking Women's Piety towards Buddhism: The Case of Song Elite Families, Part I [Fulltext]
黃啟江 (著)=Huang, Chi-chiang (au.)
 大足寶頂「毗盧道場」和「圓覺道場」圖像內容、源流新探索 -- 破譯「六代祖師傳密印」謎底=A New Exploration of the Contents and Origins of the Vairocana Practice Hall and the Perfect Enlightenment Practice Hall: An Answer to the Riddle of the “Sixth Huayan Patriarch's Transmission of the Esoteric Seal” [Fulltext]
胡文和 (著)=Hu, Wen-he (au.)


n.1 [2007.12Published]

Title Author
 合川淶灘鷲峰禪窟內容探疑=An Investigation of the Chan Imagery in the Jiufeng Grottoes [Fulltext]
李巳生 (著)=Li, Yi-sheng (au.)
 關於 Candrakīrti 的二諦說中的幾個問題(下) -- 以世俗諦與自性為中心=Several Issues Regarding Candrakīrti's Theory of Two Truths (Part II): Conventional Truth and Svabhāva [Fulltext]
釋見弘 (著)=Shih, Jien-hong (au.)
 佛名經典和佛教禮懺的關係=The Relationship between Buddha-Name Sūtras and Buddhist Repentance Rituals [Fulltext]
汪娟 (著)=Wang, chuan (au.)
 敦煌寫本六祖壇經的發現與文字校訂方法芻議=The Discovery of the Dunhuang Manuscripts of the Platform Sutra and Methods of Textual Revision [Fulltext]
黃連忠 (著)=Huang, Lian-zhong (au.)
 慈雲遵式與天竺寺=Zunshi (964–1032) and Tianzhu Monastery [Fulltext]
釋果鏡 (著)=Shih, Guo-jing (au.)
 大足石刻「報父母恩德經變」查考與辨正 -- 寶頂山「報德經變」軌範探本窮源=An Identification and Correction Regarding the Bao fumu ende jingbian in the Dazu Buddhist Caves: Tracing the Source Material of the “Repaying Parental Love” Tableaus at Baodingshan [Fulltext]
陳明光 (著)=Chen, Ming-guang (au.)
 「如是我聞」か「如是我聞一時」か -- 六朝隋唐の「如是我聞」解釋史への新視角=“Thus Have I Heard” or “Thus Have I Heard at One Time”?: New Perspectives on the Exegetical History of “Thus Have I Heard” in the Six Dynasties, Sui and Tang Periods [Fulltext]
船山徹 (著)=Funayama, Toru (au.)