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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  How I Practice Humanistic Buddhism Int'l Buddhist Translation Center; Hsing-yun-ta-shih; Shih, Hsing-yun; Xing, Yun; 國際佛教翻譯中心 1997
  How I Practice Humanistic Buddhism Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1997
  How to be a Fo Kuang Buddhist:a series of five talks delivered at the Chinese Buddhist Research Institute, Fo Kuang Shan, Setember 1981 Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1987
  Lectures on three Buddhist sutras:delivered at the National Art Centre, Taipei, October 1975 Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1987
  Lotus in the Stream:Essays in Basic Buddhism Hsing-yun-ta-shih 2000
  Only A Great Rain:A Guide to Chinese Buddhist Meditation Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1999
  Perfectly willing [Hsin kan ching yuan] Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1994
  The prospect for Buiddhist youth:talk delivered at the Neng Ren Society, Taipei, January 1, 1978 Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1987
  The young Buddhists' path to success:a series of four talks delivered at the Chinese Buddhist Research Instit Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1987
  Two talks on Buddhism:the characteristics of Buddhism and the essence of Buddhism Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1987
  Two talks on Ch'an:the characteristics of Ch'an:the essence of Ch'an Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1987
  Where is Your Buddha Nature?(= jen chien fo chiao te jen ching wei):A Collection of Stories Hsing-yun-ta-shih 1996