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Bentor, Yael  


12 bibliography, 6 full-text collected. (Not Yet Authorization

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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Consecration of Images and Stūpas in Indo-Tibetan Tantric Buddhism Bentor, Yael 1996.07
  Divergent Perspectives on the Guhyasamaja Sadhana in Tibet : Dge Lugs versus Sa Skya Bentor, Yael 密教文化=Journal of Esoteric Buddhism=ミッキョウ ブンカ=Quarterly reports on Esoteric Buddhism=The quarterly reports on Esoteric Buddhism=Repcrits on the esteric buddhisem 2016.12
  In Praise of "Stupas": The Tibetan Eulogy at Yung-KuanReconsidered Bentor, Yael Indo-Iranian Journal 1995.01
  Interiorized Fire Rituals in India and in Tibet Bentor, Yael Journal of the American Oriental Society 2000.10-12
  Meditation on Emptiness in the Context of Tantric Buddhism Bentor, Yael Journal of Buddhist Philosophy 2015.12
  On the Indian Origins of the Tibetan Practice of Depositing Relics and Dharanis in Stupas and Images Bentor, Yael Journal of the American Oriental Society 1995.04-06
  On the Symbolism of the Mirror in Indo-TibetanConsecration Rituals Bentor, Yael Journal of Indian Philosophy 1995.03
  Sutra-style Consecration in Tibet and its Importance for Understanding the Historical Development of the Indo-Tibetan Consecration Ritual for Stupas and Images Bentor, Yael Tibetan Studies, Volume 1 1992
  The Consecration of a Buddha Image Bentor, Yael; Lopez, Donald S., Jr. Buddhist Scriptures 2004.03.25
  the Content of Stupas and Images and the Indo-Tibetan Concept of Relics Bentor, Yael Tibet Journal 2003.06
  The Indo-Tibetan Buddhist consecration ritual for 'stupas' images, books and temples Bentor, Yael 1991, 1991
  The Redactions of the Adbhutadharmaparyāya from Gilgit Bentor, Yael Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies=JIABS 1988