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孔令宜  (本名)


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Alternative Names:

Kung,Ling-I (本名) = Kung, Lin-yi


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  孔子人文教與儒家美學:從鄭玄與朱熹注「繪事後素」探討孔子的文質觀與人文教中的儒家美學=Confucian Humanist Religion and its Aesthetic: Zheng Xuan and Zhu Xi on the theory of painting of Confucian Analects and the interpretation of Confucian Aesthetic 孔令宜 (著)=Kung,Ling-I (au.) 荊山水閱 國際學術研討會-場次C 2015
  從鄭玄與朱熹注「繪事後素」探討孔子的文質觀與人格美學=Examining Confucian's Concept on Form and Quality and Human Aesthetic from Zheng Xuan and Zhu Xi's Takes on the Theory "The paintwork is executed on top of the white background" 孔令宜 (著)=Kung, Lin-yi (au.) 夏荊山藝術論衡=Journal of Xia Jing Shan's Art 2018.03