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Alternative Names:

Kantor, Hans-Rudolf = 漢斯‧康特 = 康特 = 魯道夫.康特


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  ‘Right Words are Like the Reverse’— The Daoist Rhetoric and the Linguistic Strategy in Early Chinese Buddhism Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (著)=漢斯魯道夫康特 (au.) Asian Philosophy: An International Journal of the Philosophical Traditions of the East 2010.11
  Ambivalence of Illusion: A Chinese Buddhist Perspective Kantor, Hans-Rudolf Journal of Chinese Philosophy 2011.06
  Book Review: Conceiving the Indian Buddhist Patriarchs in China by Stuart Young Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (評論) China Review International=中國研究書評 2016
  Concepts of reality in Chinese Mahāyāna Buddhism Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (著)=康特 (au.) Chinese Metaphysics and Its Problems 2015.04
  Contradiction and Ambiguity in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy=漢傳佛教哲學矛盾與歧義之實用義 Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (著)=漢斯魯道夫康特 (au.) 華梵人文學報=Huafan Journal of Humanities 2013.05
  Die Heilslehre im Tiantai-Denken des Zhiyi (538-597) und der philosophische Begriff des 'Unendlichen' bei Mou Zongsan (1909-1995): Die Verknüpfung von Heilslehre und Ontologie in der chinesischen Tiantai Kantor, Hans-Rudolf 1999.05
  Dynamic of Practice and Understanding – Chinese Tiantai Philosophy of Contemplation and Deconstruction Kantor, Hans-Rudolf Dao Companions to Chinese Philosophy: Dharma and Dao 2018
  Emptiness of Transcendence — The Inconceivable and Invisible in Chinese Buddhist Thought Kantor, Hans-Rudolf Transcendence, Immanence, and Intercultural Philosophy 2016.09
  Identity and Transformation in the Chinese Mahāyāna Traditions Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (著)=康特 (au.) Selfhood East and West: De-Constructions of Identity 2012.10.01
  Incongruent Names: A Theme in the History of Chinese Philosophy D'Ambrosio, Paul J.; Kantor, Hans-Rudolf; Hans-Georg Moeller Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy 2018.06.16
  Ontological Indeterminacy and Its Soteriological Relevance: An Assessment of Mou Zongsan's (1909-1995) Interpretation of Zhiyi's (538-597) Tiantai Buddhism Kantor, Hans-Rudolf Philosophy East and West 2006.01
  Philosophical Aspects of Sixth-Century Chinese Buddhist Debates on “Mind and Consciousness” Kantor, Hans-Rudolf A Distant Mirror: Articulating Indic Ideas in Sixth and Seventh Century Chinese Buddhism 2014
  Referential Relation and Beyond: Signifying Functions In Chinese Madhyamaka Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (著) Journal of Indian Philosophy 2019.09
  Textual Pragmatics in Early Chinese Madhyamaka Kantor, Hans-Rudolf Philosophy East and West 2014.07
  The Daoist-Buddhist Discourse(s) on Things, Names, and Knowing in China’s Wei Jin Period Kantor, Hans-Rudolf Dao Companion to Chinese Buddhist Philosophy 2018
  Tiantai Buddhist Elaborations on the Hidden and Visible Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (著) Asiatische Studien : Zeitschrift der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Asienkunde=Etudes asiatiques : revue de la Société Suisse d'études asiatiques 2020.11
  Words, Concepts, and the Middle Way: Language In the Traditions Of Madhyamaka Thought Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (著); Salvini, Mattia Journal of Indian Philosophy 2019.09
  Zhiyi’s Great Calming and Contemplation: “Contemplating Mental Activity as the Inconceivable Realm” Kantor, Hans-Rudolf Buddhist Philosophy: Essential Readings 2009.04.23
  中國大乗佛教學諸時間觀的對比 漢斯魯道夫康特 儒佛會通暨文化哲學(第11屆) -- 東西政治哲學的交談=The Symposium on Confucianism & Buddhism Communication: Political Philosophy in East and West(11th) 2008.03.29
  中觀學的時間觀--以《中論》與《肇論》為主 漢斯魯道夫康特 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly 2008.09.25
  天台宗的「圓極架構」 : 關於天台宗圓教所統攝之救度學、存有學與語言用法三方面的脈絡線索之探究=Entelechy as Structural Clue to the System of Tiantai Teaching -- The Threefold Link-age of Soteriology, Ontology and Paradoxical Articulation in Tiantai Teaching 魯道夫.康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 華梵人文學報=Huafan Journal of Humanities 2004.01
  天台宗的心識說及其背景關係 魯道夫.康特 (著) 現代佛教學會通訊=Newsletter for Modern Buddhism Association 2004.12
  天台宗的可說與不可說--天台宗的語言用法及其對語言界限的觀點=The Expressible and Inexpressible in Tiantai Buddhism--Usage of Language in Tiantai Buddhisn and Its Viewpoint about Limits of Verbal Articulation 漢斯魯道夫康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly 2003.12.25
  天臺宗心識說──以「聖凡不二」為內涵的救度學義 康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 佛教文化與當代世界 2004.09.08
  何謂虛、實? -- 論漢傳中觀學「破立不二」的觀法 康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 語言、心性、 實踐 — 西方詮釋學與漢語哲學 2014
  東西哲學對話(對談記錄) 米建國 (著)=Mi, Chien-kuo (au.); 郭朝順 (著)=Guo, Chao-shun (au.); 漢斯魯道夫康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly 2003.12.25
  東西哲學對話:語言的界限 米建國 (著)=Mi, Chien-kuo (au.); 郭朝順 (著)=Guo, Chao-shun (au.); 漢斯魯道夫康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly 2003.12.25
  唐朝天台宗湛然「文字解脫」的語言觀 康特 首屆天台佛教學術研討會:唐宋天台佛教論文集 2018.08
  從天台宗《法華玄義》「本跡」詮釋方法上探討「指涉」的宗教哲學問題=The Issue of "Reference" in Religious Philosophy Reflected by the Hermeneutical Method of "Root and Traces" in the Profound Commentary on the Lotus Sutra 漢斯魯道夫康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly 2006.03.25
  智顗天台思想中的存有學和解脫學的關係=The Associations of Notology and Soterigology in Zhiyis Tiantai-Thinking 漢斯‧康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 國際佛教教育文化研討會(第11屆)=International Conference on Buddhist Education and Culture(11th) 1999.07.10
  虛假當念之時間構造 -- 以天臺宗及華嚴宗為主=The Temporal Structure of the Delusory Mental Activity according to the Chinese Huayan- and Tiantai-Teaching 漢斯魯道夫康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 臺大佛學研究=Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies 2008.12
  當代新儒家的佛學詮釋──關於牟宗三存有學概念的評論 康特 (著)=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf (au.) 理解、詮釋與儒家傳統:比較觀點 2010.04
  價值觀與辯證法在智顗思想中的表現 漢斯魯道夫康特=Kantor, Hans-Rudolf 華梵大學第五次儒佛會通學術研討會 2001.04.28