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跨界藝術傳達的潛在心理認知:以張大千居士與夏荊山居士之高仕圖(1961 年)為分析=Latent Cognition Conveyed Through Trans-boundary Art: With Case Studies on Paintings of Gentlemen by Zhang Daqian and Xia Jing Shan(1961)
Author 范俊銘 (著)=Fan, Chun-Ming (au.)
Source 夏荊山藝術論衡=Journal of Xia Jing Shan's Art
Pages89 - 102
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article

2.本文初稿發表於「筆墨之間:2018 夏荊山學術研討會」
Keyword跨界藝術傳達=Trans-boundary art communication; 潛在心理認知=latent cognition; 張大千=Zhang Daqian; 夏荊山=Xia Jing Shan; 高仕圖=painting of gentlemen
Abstract 視覺圖像可以勾勒出畫者心理的潛在認知,書畫藝術可視為其潛在認知之投射表像,可探究出個人的心理經驗,對於其心理途徑和經驗解說,有不同的差異解說。

Visual images could be used to illustrate an artist’s latent cognition, and the art of Chinese calligraphy and painting could be regarded as reflections of such cognition, which could be used to explore the person’s psychological experiences, leading to various interpretations on the person’s psychological journey and experiences. This paper examines"paintings of gentlemen" by Xia Jing Shan, and begins by referencing the iceberg theory:With the iceberg theory used as a metaphor for the subconscious, with its seven layers introduced. The innermost layer in a normal person – latent cognition – could serve as the motivational driver and cause behind a person’s explicit behaviors.
The second section consists of analysis on the latent cognition conveyed through trans-boundary art: The painter’s psychological latent cognition could impact the images and words created, with the artist seeking for an outlet to release inner sentiments. This study conducts contextualized analysis on the art of Chinese calligraphy and painting, with symbols of the Self observed, which leads to the proposal of the art of Chinese calligraphy and
painting as an approach for conveying latent cognition.
The third section looks into the characteristics of latent cognition’s impact observed in"paintings of gentlemen": The characteristics of latent cognition’s impact can be categorized into: indirectness taking precedence over directness; artistic impression over qualities of logic;abstraction over practicality, with art applied to convey inner essence and to express latent impressions and ambiguous scenarios, seeking to attain a state of spiritual purity. Through the
visual appreciation of calligraphy and painting, interactions with the viewers are expanded, achieving spiritual exchanges through expressing one’s latent cognition.
Fourthly, analysis on the latent cognition conveyed through the trans-boundary art of"paintings of gentlemen" is conducted: Analysis on latent cognition could be divided into reevaluation of life’s issues; visual depiction of ethereal paradise; and reflection on the imaginative space of spiritual wandering. Using ―paintings of gentlemen‖ as example, such trans-boundary art conveys the artist’s latent cognition and shows the artist’s imaginative inner utopia.
Conclusion: By comparing renditions of the "painting of gentlemen" created in 1961 by Zhang Daqian and Xia Jing Shan, this paper explores how their calligraphy and paintings are integrated with their personal realizations on life, as they pursued to unify latent cognition with their external art, which have resulted in distinctive creative outcomes.
Table of contents一、前言 91
(一)冰山隱喻理論概說 91
(二)冰山隱喻理論之七面層次 91
二、跨界藝術傳達的潛在心理認知分析 93
(一)潛在心理認知分析 93
(二)潛在心理認知的影響特質 94
(三)理論分析 94
三、「高仕圖」之潛在心理認知的影響特質分析 96
(一)「高仕圖」創作略析 96
(二)不同創作者之「高仕圖」分析 97
四、「高仕圖」跨界藝術傳達的潛在認知分析 98
(一)重新省思人生議題 98
(二)圖景發揮仙逸美境 99
(三)反映神遊空間想像 99
五、結論 100
(一)抒發深層靈性 100
(二)反映心理深層認知 101
ISSN24126233 (P)
Created date2018.10.19
Modified date2020.06.17

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