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覺浪道盛與方以智師生的「不二社」=Juelang Daosheng and Fang Yi-zhi, the teacher and the student's Bu-er club
Author 謝明陽
Source 佛光人文學報=Fo Guang Journal of Humanities
Pages131 - 151
Publisher Url
Location宜蘭縣, 臺灣 [I-lan hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword覺浪道盛=Juelang Daosheng; 方以智=Fang Yi-zhi; 不二社=Bu-er Club; 雙選社=Shuang-xuan Club; 《莊子提正》=Zhuangzi Ti Zheng

In Juelang Daosheng‘s book, Zhuangzi Ti Zheng, it says “When I stayed at Ling Mountain, I sometimes talked about the secrets of Zhuangzi with the members of Bu-er Club.” According to the description of people nowadays, the time Daosheng wrote Zhuangzi Ti Zheng is in the fifth year of Shunzhi’s reign(1648), and he wrote it at Wu-xiang Temple in Ling Mountain, which is located in Tai-ping Prefecture, Jiang-nan Province. However, what kind of group did Bu-er Club actually be? There is no correct answer. In 2014, a scholar, Xing Yi-hai, annotated and published Dong Hui Lu, which is written by Fang Yi-zhi. The book mentions that Juelang Daosheng’s Bu-er Club established by inheriting Yunqi Zhuhong and Wuyi Yuanlai’s theory of Zen and Pure Land having no difference. Therefore, “Bu-er” means that Zen Sect and Pure Land Sect combine in one. This essay is based on the statement of Dong Hui Lu, discussing from Yunqi Zhuhong and Wuyi Yuanlai to Juelang Daosheng and Fang Yi-zhi, how did these Buddhism masters discuss that Zen and Pure Land have no difference? In general, Yunqi Zhuhong wished that everyone can chant the name of Buddha with devotion in ordr to reach the Western Pure Land. One the other hand, Wuyi Yuanlai emphasized on springing up doubt, maintaining Zen Buddhism attitude. Juelang Daosheng and Fang Yi-zhi even guided the theory of no differences in Zen and Pure Land into existence of both Confucianism and Buddha. This made the two enlightenment monks meanwhile became expansive Confucians with indomitable spirit.
Table of contents一、前言 2
二、「不二社」取自禪、淨不二 3
三、雲棲袾宏、無異元來的合一滴水 6
四、覺浪道盛的不二之說 10
五、方以智調和「不二」與「雙選」 13
六、結論 17
ISSN27890082 (P); 27890090 (E)
Created date2019.07.30
Modified date2022.08.08

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