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在經學脈絡下的《易經》詮釋=The Hermeneutics of Yi-ching in Classics Context
Author 張惠敏 =Chang, Hui-ming
Source 佛光人文學報=Fo Guang Journal of Humanities
Pages249 - 280
Publisher Url
Location宜蘭縣, 臺灣 [I-lan hsien, Taiwan]
Content type期刊論文=Journal Article
Keyword易經=Yi-ching; 經學=Classics; 詮釋學=Hermeneutics; 德=De; 隱喻=Metaphor
Abstract在當代哲學的發展中,里克爾(Paul Ricoeur)以「隱喻」(Metaphor)作為構成意義世界最基本的憑藉,可與中國經典作為意義世界興發的根源,可以是具有象徵性的隱喻文本這點互相呼應。因為經典背後的生命依據,是在「德」的概念之下,來展開思考的。同時《易經》產生意義的模式,並非通過邏輯來構成意義世界最內在與最基本的形式,而是在隱喻的脈絡中,就著象來勾勒某種人生智慧象徵性的聯想,對我們的生活構成指導性的作用。因而將《易經》建構成為哲學的文本,將會導致經典語言與哲學系統需要的概念之間,存在本質性無法調和的問題。唯有將《易經》回到中國經學的傳統中,以隱喻作為展開經典意義世界的基礎,才有重新掘發經典意義的可能性。

In the development of contemporary Philosophy. Paul Ricoeur use "Metaphor" as the most basic means of forming a meaningful word. Can be use with Chinese Canon (經典) as the root of the meaning word. Can be a Metaphorical Text of this echoes each other. Because the basis of life behind the Canon. Under the concept of "De" to start thinking. Simultaneously the meaningful patterns of the Yi-ching(易經). The most intrinsic and basic form of the word meaning is not formed by logic. But in the context of "Metaphor." The Symbolic association of life wisdom comes form "Metaphor," come to our life of guiding role. Constructing the Yi-ching of changes into a Philosophical Text, will lead to a problem of irreconcilability between the Canon language and the concepts needed by the Philosophical System. The only way to return the Yi-ching of changes to the Chinese Classics (經學) tradition. Use "Metaphor" as the basis for a world of meaning, the possibility of rediscovering Canon meaning.
Table of contents一、前言 251
二、《易經》的發展歷程 255
三、《易經》產生意義的模式 264
四、以隱喻作為創造意義的源頭 269
五、結語 275

ISSN27890082 (P); 27890090 (E)
Created date2021.07.28
Modified date2022.08.09

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