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法藏法界緣起論的生態世界觀意義=On Fa-zang’s Dharmadhatu Dependent Origination and Its Significance of Ecological World View
Author 陳紅兵 =Chen, Hong-bing
Source 2015華嚴專宗國際學術研討會論文集下冊
Pages465 - 488
Publisher Url
Location臺北市, 臺灣 [Taipei shih, Taiwan]
Content type會議論文=Proceeding Article
Note作者單位:山東理工大學法學院 教授
Professor, Shandong University of Technology
Keyword法藏=Fa-zang; 法界緣起論=Dharmadhatu Dependent Origination; 生態世界觀=Ecological world view; 系統論=System theory; 全息整體論=Holographic Theory

Ecological philosophy came into being in the backdrop of people’s increasingly attention to the ecological environment crisis, was a product of critical reflection on modern civilization. The construction of ecological philosophy need to learn from a variety of cultural resources, and Buddhist philosophy can provide ideological and cultural resources for it. Fa-zang’s Dharmadhatu Dependent Origination thoughts which phenomena things form the unification of the whole through interdependence, interaction and mutual inclusion, not only have the significance of critical reflection on modern
mechanistic worldview, and have many aspects of fit and enlightenment to ecological world view.
Fa-zang’s Dharmadhatu Dependent Origination mainly consists of five aspects:
Same and Difference of Three-nature, Six Meanings of Causation; Relations of Phenomena Things; Correlations of Six-Form; Ten Profound Meanings. The “Same and Deference of Three-nature” theory inherited and developed the three-nature and
three-none-nature thoughts of Cittamatra, and its critical reflection on parikalpita-svabha^va has a dispelling function to the concept of modern ontology. And its idea of nature-phenomena fusion can provide thought bridge for Dharmadhatu Dependent Origination which affirms the relationship and integrality of the real world; The “Six Meanings of Causation” thoughts inherited and developed the “Six Meaning of Seed” thoughts of Cittamatra, which expounds the causal theory has a correct meaning to modern mechanical determinism. And its combining with the idea of principle part or subordinate part makes it to the Dharmadhatu Dependent Origination; “Relations of Phenomena Things” theory elaborates on the interdependence, interaction and mutual inclusion between phenomena things and elements include things, which contain similar world views as contemporary system theory. “Correlations of Six-Form” theory elucidates relationship between the whole and part from total form, independent form, same form, difference form, achieving form and destructive form, which consistent with the holism of contemporary system theory; The “Ten Profound Meanings” theory is the
core of the Dharmadhatu Dependent Origination, which elucidates the holographic holism has the different connotation from contemporary philosophy, which have enlightenment significance for us to know the relationship between human and environment, the environment as a whole.
Fa-zang’s Dharmadhatu Dependent Origination subsumes related thoughts such as prajnaparamita Madhyamapratipad, Alaya Dependent Origination, Dharmat Dependent Origination from the height of Buddha phala, and elucidates the world as dependent origination entirety which everything interdependence, interaction and mutual inclusion, thus reached the unprecedented height of Buddhist dependent origination, thus has enlightenment meaning to investigate different topics of ecological world view from the height of dependent origination entirety. But because of its research the world from Buddha phala, it dilutes the specific interaction and process in the realistic level relatively, thus has thinking differences f
Table of contents一、「三性同異」對實體論的消融 468
二、「因門六義」中的因果生成論 472
三、「緣起相由」中的系統論 475
四、「六相圓融」中的整體觀 479
五、「十玄無礙」的全息整體觀 483
Created date2021.12.08
Modified date2021.12.08

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