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Kick-off date:2017.8.1  

The NTU Digital Library of Buddhist Studies (DLMBS) is the largest digital data base of Buddhist studies and also get numerous users all over world. We aim to collect articles of Buddhist studies, and have offered free services without charging any money. In the future, hope we can be the best research tool for whom studies in Buddhist. Therefore, we invite you to donate money to keep DLMBS alive.

In 2016, since the main source end of Ministry of Education of Taiwan, the source of DLMBS’s fund is unstable. For keep DLMBS alive, we want to raise funds about 100 million which donated by 10 thousand people (also can donate in installment). As a result, we found the Special Funds for Development of the Digital Library of Buddhist Studies which is provided by the National Taiwan University (NTU). In each year, there is 4% interest from this Special Funds. We will use this interest to hire the researcher in Buddhist Studies, language and information technology employee to collect the bibliography all around the world.

We sincerely invite you to donate to keep our alive, at the same time to make the benefit to users.

The donation account “FN105020 Special Funds for Development of the Digital Library of Buddhist Studies” is provided by the National Taiwan University (NTU). The Office of Financial Affairs of NTU makes arrangements of donations, and the University Fund Section of Accounting Department is responsible for management and control of the donation account. The DLMBS needs to provide invoices to NTU with full financial transparency, and is supervised by the Accounting Department. Therefore, we assure you that the process of your donations is safe and rigorous.
  • 1995, found the Buddhist Studies database
  • 1997, collect the bibliography of Buddhist Studies at OCLC, Berkeley. And also get the authorization of Journal“Philosophy East and West”.
  • 1999, rename the Buddhist Studies database as the Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies (DLMBS)
  • 2000, begin using the office of the Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies
  • 2003, On April 1st , the National Taiwan University Library assumed the responsibility of maintaining DLMBS, with the University Librarian, Professor Jieh Hsiang, as the Principle Investigator.
  • 2003, to hold the Symposium on Buddhist Studies in the Digital Age: Application and Perspective. Complete the Tibetan online course in Mandarin.
  • 2004, to set the rule of keyword in our database. The full-text start to arrange in PDF. Expand the Digital library zone.
  • 2004, Complete the Tibetan online course in English.
  • 2005, the digital source of Dragon Sutra/Pali Scriptures/Tibetan Scriptures are online. To hold the Symposium on Buddhist Studies in the Digital Age: Application and Perspective.
  • 2007, revise the homepage and start the new search engine with search in all field and renew the function of search in extension of keywords
  • 2008, add the new function as “Bibliography on Topics” and “Keyword Database”. Collect 卍 Xuzangjing vol.1-88.
  • 2009, the College of Liberal Arts of NTU take over as the major sponsor of the project, with support from the Research Center for Digital Humanities and Professor Jieh Hsiang, the Director of RCDH, as the PI. Renew the framework of website and aim to build the quality of bibliography.
  • 2010, start to arrange in Buddhist Author Authority Database. Put the bibliography to Google Scholar.
  • 2011, the accumulation of visiting rate is over 10 million. Develop the function of Keyword Database.
  • 2012, Open up the new version of homepage and Fulltext area to separate journal articles, thesis and Dissertation and Proceeding.
  • 2013, Spend over three-year to finish the authority authorize database, arrange 100 thousand scholars of Buddhist Studies and build the list of their writings.
  • 2014, develop the search engine takes Java Solr as the core. Collect” Catalog Database of Republican Era Buddhist Journals” about 140 thousand bibliography.
  • 2015, Bibliography record entries over 30 thousand. For improve the quality, we double checked the format with the name of source and ISSN/ISBN etc.
  • 2016, expand the function of search engine with advanced search. Arrange in thesis and dissertation about 5995 record entries.
  • 2017, (1) Arrange in 10 thousand Buddhist Studies journal including 270 thousand bibliography record entries. We expect to develop “the guide of Buddhist Studies Journal “in the future. (2) Bibliography records entries over 400 thousand. (3) Renew Taisho Shinshu Daizokyo in 2457 records entries and 卍 Xuzangjing in 1230 records entries in total.
  • 2020, rename the Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies as the Digital Library of Buddhist Studies (DLMBS)

※ p.s. Owing to we completed lots of works, we choose 2 to 3 items to represent the milestone in each year.
▋Within ten years we expand the bibliography 2 times than before and approach to 446,898 record
    entries, the full-text in 4.8 times than before and approach to 95,663 record entries.

Media types
Bibliographies Fulltexts
Journal Artical 336,318 84,023
Books 74,214 962
Research papers 8,419 1,145
Book reviews 8,287 5,375
Thesis and Dissertation 6,801 665
Proceeding 6,811 1,746
Serial 2,671 1,139
Others 3,377 608
Total 446,898 95,663

▋The author authority database:Since 2013 to open up this database, we records 110,927 authors
    and increased yearly.

▋Visiting rate: In 2020 it approach to 434 ten thousands, the highest visiting rate ever, it still increased

▋Keyword database included 2,831 key words

▋Collected 922 website of Buddhist studies

▋DLMBS was selected as representation of religious society website in《 2015 Selected Digital
    Resources for Chinese Studies in Taiwan 》.

p.s. This data statistics were collected until 2021
▋Vision: Aim to collect articles of Buddhist Studies from all over the world and become
    an All-Round Web for Buddhist Reacher.

▋After raised fund in 100 million dollars we expect to use the interests about 4million dollars
    as following

▋Short-term goals: Arrange in Buddhist journal serial close to 10 thousand record entries and
    expect to develop the function with “Guide of Buddhist Studies Journal”

      (1)   Start with database normalization to arrange the journal serial close to 10 thousand and
              include in 270 thousand in record entries.
      (2)   After the development of “Guide of Buddhist Studies Journal”, it includes the function of
              search and the complete information of journal. At the same time, it shows the list of articles
              with each volume/number. It may link to information of bibliography or Buddhist Author
              Authority database

▋Long-term plans: Aim to collect articles in all languages from all over the world and arrange
    in system.

DLMBS was founded since 24 years ago, we aim to collect the articles of Buddhist Studies and have offered the bibliography for researchers without charging any money. It doesn’t matter to serve everyone sincerely and hope to create a glorious future though we have only three staff and in heavy work. We welcome your any words about suggestion, encouragement or feedback. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

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▋Contact Us

《Digital Library of Buddhist Studies》
  Jerry Ting (丁培峰)
  Address:National Taiwan University Library B1
      No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 106319, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

《Office of Financial Affairs, NTU》
  Shiang-Ting Wang (王湘婷)
  Address:Office of Financial Affairs, NTU
      R.501, 5th Flr., Courtesy House,
      No. 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei 106319, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The degree of progress is %
We still need people to support this project to finish 100,000,000 dollar fund.
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National Taiwan University Academic Development Foundation was established by NTU alums to support the advancement of our alma mater. The foundation cooperates closely with NTU and receives a U.S. tax exempt status (NTUADF’s Tax Id number is 36-4221899) and all gifts made to NTUADF are tax deductible in the U.S.