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The only database in the world on Buddhist topic in 45 languages
The most numerous Buddhist fulltexts in our bibliographic database
Bibliographies and fulltexts from the latest, rich, reliable sources

The only database in the world on Buddhist topic in 45 languages
including many kinds and many languages of Buddhist bibliographies and full-texts
  DLMBS supplies bibliographies and fulltexts in 45 languages including Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Korean and Tibetan.
Worldwide buddhist research databse with 15 forms of media including journals, books, etc.
Table1: Quantities of Bibliographies and fulltexts of each language (until 2021/12)
  Chinese Japanese English German Korean French Tibetan Other languages multiple languages total
Quantities of Bibliographies 257,087 119,652 59,661 2,768 2,371 1,647 181 570 2,961 446,898
Quantities of fulltexts 44,543 28,040 19,068 498 2,016 162 3 39 1,294 95,663

The most numerous Buddhist fulltexts in our bibliographic database
Containing world-wide 446,898 bibliographic records of scholar work on buddhism
  The database has 446,898 bibliographies and 95,663 fulltexts in total.
The library is expanding access to its collection, around 492 bibliographies and 268 fulltexts per week on average.
Table2: Quantities of Bibliographies and fulltexts of each media type (until 2021/12)
Media types
Bibliographies Fulltexts
Journal Artical 336,318 84,023
books 74,214 962
Thesis and Dissertation 6,801 665
book reviews 8,287 5,375
Serial 2,671 1,139
Proceeding 6,811 1,746
sound recording 915 11
online sources 552 400
papers 345 37
reference book 740 27
audiovisuals 434 2
ebooks 93 42
research papers 8,419 1,145
Others 295 89
Total 446,898 95,663

Bibliographies and fulltexts from the latest, rich, reliable sources
Since 1995, we collect world-wide scholar work on buddhism continuously.
  As a platform for scholars to conduct research and to exchange with each other, DLMBS collects bibliographies and fulltexts from world-wide scholar units, online database and publishing section. DLMBS steadily collects world-wide scholar work on buddhism to assist scholars in doing research and teaching.
.The stable source of Western language document: 216 journals and 13 kinds of general database
.The stable source of Chinese document: 1,179 journals and 13 kinds of general database
.The stable source of Japanese document: 716 journals and 6 kinds of general database
.Integration of Scholar resources :248 international institutes of Buddhist studies and 674 related links.
  Table3: Main sources of Bibliographies and fulltexts (until 2021/12)
Major media types Major
Major sources Bibliographies Fulltexts
Journal Artical Chinese Chung-Hwa Buddhist Studies, Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal, Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly, Information Management for Buddhist Libraries, Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies, Buddhism and Science, Universal Gate Buddhist Journal 218,587 40,064
Japanese Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies, Journal of the Graduate School, Taisho University, The Memorials of Records Bukkyo University, Oriental Researches Studies, Journal of the Faculty of Letters of the Komazawa University, Annual Report of Buddhist Research Office in Ryukoku University, etc. 83,226 27,321
English Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, Journal of Buddhist Ethics, Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Journal of Oriental Studies, Philosophy East and West, etc. 28,626 12,894
Others OCLC, EBSCO, ProQuest, etc. 5,879 3,744
Thesis and Dissertation Chinese China Journal Net、The annual Buddhist Theses and Dissertations directory of Luminary Buddhist Institute in Taiwan area 、Yuan Kuang Buddhist Journal、Successive Research Papers of Fa-kuang Institute of Buddhist Studies、National Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations in Taiwan, etc. 4,418 376
English OCLC, EBSCO, ProQuest, etc. 2,172 202
Others OCLC, EBSCO, ProQuest, INBUDS, CiNii, NII-ELS, NDL-OPAC, etc. 211 87
Serial Chinese NCL Guide to Periodicals Published in R.O.C. , etc. 1,528 801
Japanese CiNii, INBUDS, NDL-OPAC, NII-ELS, etc. 658 191
Others OCLC, EBSCO, ProQuest, etc. 485 147
Proceeding Chinese CHUNG-HWA INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON BUDDHISM, Academic Seminar on Humanistic Buddhism and Contemporary Dialogue, International Conference on Dunhuang Studies, National Combined Presentation on Buddhist Papers, Symposium of Confucianism/Buddhism Communication and Philosophy of Culture, etc. 5,390 1,570
Others OCLC, EBSCO, ProQuest, CiNii, NII-ELS, etc. 1,421 176
Others   Global academic units, large-scale online databases, publishing units、online bookstores, Buddhist groups, E-newsletter 94,297 8,090
the sum of Collection of Buddhist Studies literature 446,898 95,663

Note: "Others" means books, book reviews, sound recording, online sources, papers, reference book, audiovisuals, ebooks, microfilms and research papers

We welcome scholars to study on us, and we also encourage professors and students to conduct research on us. We assist scholar analysis with our bibliographies and dataflow information!

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