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Knitter, Paul F.  


25 bibliography, 11 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

Knitter, Paul


Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  A "Hypostatic Union" of Two Practices but One Person? Knitter, Paul F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 2012
  Are Buddhism and Christianity Commensurable?: A Debate/Dialogue between Paul Knitter and Peter Feldmeier Knitter, Paul F.; Feldmeier, Peter Buddhist-Christian Studies 2016
  Book Review: "Absolute Nothingness: Foundations for a Buddhist-Christian Dialogue," by Hans Waldenfels Knitter, Paul F. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 1982.12
  Book Review: "Encounters in Faith: Christianity in Interreligious Dialogue," by Peter Feldmeier Knitter, Paul F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 2014
  Book Review: Seeking Buddhist-Christian Understanding Friends in Dialogue Knitter, Paul (著) Buddhist-Christian Studies 2021
  Buddhist emptiness and Christian trinity conf pprs, Paradigm shifts in Buddhism and Christianity, Hawaii Loa College, Jan 3-11, 1984 Corless, Roger Jean-Yves; Corless, Roger; Knitter, Paul F. 1990
  Buddhist emptiness and Christian trinity:essays and explorations Corless, Roger Jonathan; Knitter, Paul F. 1990
  Buddhist-Christian Dialogue Events O'Hanlon, Daniel J. ; Axel, Larry E. ; Mitchell, Donald W. ; Knitter, Paul F. ; Simmer-Brown, Judith ; Habito, Ruben L. F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 1988
  Buddhists and Christians in Holland international conference on Buddhism and Christianity, Je 17-19, 1988, De Tiltenburg Knitter, Paul F. Journal of Ecumenical Studies 1988
  Comparative Theology Is Not “Business-as-Usual Theology”: Personal Witness from a Buddhist Christian Knitter, Paul F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 2015
  Dialogue and Liberation: What I Have Learned from My Friends—Buddhist and Christian Knitter, Paul F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 2014
  Horizons on Christianity's new dialogue with Buddhism [bibliog] Knitter, Paul F. Horizons 1981
  Jesus and Buddha: Friends in Conversation Knitter, Paul (著); Haight, Roger (著) 2015.11.01
  Jesus--Buddha--Krishna:still present? Knitter, Paul F. Journal of Ecumenical Studies 1979
  Liberation Theology and Engaged Buddhism: Challenging Each Other, Learning from Each Other Knitter, Paul F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 2016
  Overcoming Greed: Buddhists and Christians in Consumerist Society Knitter, Paul F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 2004
  Pitfalls and Promises For a Global Ethics Knitter, Paul F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 1995
  Rita Gross: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue about Dialogue Knitter, Paul F. Buddhist-Christian Studies 2011
  Sitting and Acting—Both are Essential: A Response to Kyeongil Jung Knitter, Paul F. (著) Journal of Korean Religions 2014.04
  Spirituality and liberation:a Buddhist-Christian conversation A Buddhist perspective, by M. Abe; rejoinder and 2nd reply, pp 350-364 Knitter, Paul F. Horizons 1988
  Symbiotic Supremacies: Racial and Religious Knitter, Paul Buddhist-Christian Studies 2019
  Without Buddha I Could Not Be A Christian Knitter, Paul F. (著) 2009.07.25
  Zen Buddhism: A History Dumoulin, Heinrich (著); Heisig, James W. (譯); Knitter, Paul F. (譯); McRae, John R. (引言) 2005.09
  Zen. English;"Zen Buddhism : a history Dumoulin, Heinrich; Heisig, James W.; Knitter, Paul F. 1988
  一個地球多種宗教 : 多信仰對話與全球責任=One Earth Many Religions: Multifaith Dialogue & Global Responsibility 王志成; Knitter, Paul F. 2003