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Alternative Names:

Hu, Chih-chiang


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Self-Cognition? Saṃghabhadra, Armstrong, and Introspective Consciousness Hu, Chih-chiang Philosophy East and West 2018.07
  佛教意識哲學專輯‧導言 林恕安 (著)=Lin, Shu-an (au.); 胡志強 (著)=Hu, Chih-chiang (au.); 耿晴 (著)=Keng, Ching (au.) 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly 2019.06.25
  知覺、他者與邏輯:護法《成唯識寶生論》之哲學研究=Perception, Others, and Logic: A Philosophical Study on Dharmapāla's Cheng weishi baosheng lun 胡志強 (撰)=Hu, Chih-chiang (compose) 2018
  關於證成唯識之因明論證的幾點看法:回應John Taber 所謂的稻草人論證=Some Remarks on the Argument for vijñaptimātratā: A Reply to John Taber 胡志強 (著)=Hu, Chih-chiang (au.) 臺大佛學研究=Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies 2022.12
  護法《成唯識寶生論》論知覺及其所緣:兼與當代理論交涉=Dharmapala on Perception and alambana in the Cheng weishi baosheng lun: Enagaging with Contemporary Philosophy of Perception 胡志強 (著)=Hu, Chih-chiang (au.) 正觀雜誌=Satyabhisamaya: A Buddhist Studies Quarterly 2019.06.25
  邏輯與唯識:護法《成唯識寶生論》對因明之使用=Logic and Consciousness-Only: Dharmapāla’s Application of Hetuvidyā in the Cheng Weishi Baosheng Lun 胡志強 (著)=Hu, Chih-chiang (au.) 2021 第八屆漢傳佛教與聖嚴思想國際學術研討會 2021.06.30