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Müller, Friedrich Max  

+1823-12-06 ~ +1900-10-28

5 bibliography, 3 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

Müller, F. Max


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Buddhist Mahayana Texts Asvaghosha; Cowell, Edward B.; Müller, F. Max; Takakusu, Junjiro 2007
  Buddhist Mahâyâna texts Cowell, Edward Byles ; Müller, Friedrich Max ; Takakusu, J. 1894
  Buddhist Suttas Rhys Davids, Thomas William ; Müller, Friedrich Max 2007.05
  Vajracchedikā Prajñāpāramitā-sūtra Müller, Friedrich Max (編) Anecdota Oxoniensia: Text, Documents, and Extracts (Aryan Series) 1881
  Wisdom Of the Buddha The Unabridged Dhammapada Müller, F. Max 2000