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Alternative Names:

Wang, Hai-yun


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  敦煌研究院藏三階教文獻《三階觀法略釋》殘卷=Interpreting a Fragmented Manuscript of a Brief Commentary on Three-Stage Visualization Methods Collected in Dunhuang Academy 梁旭樹; 王海云 (著)=Wang, Hai-yun (au.); 王惠民 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2013.08
  敦煌研究院藏王子云、何正璜夫婦敦煌資料目錄=A Catalogue of Paintings of the Couple Wang Ziyun and He Zhenghuang Kept in Dunhuang Academy 梁旭澍 (著)=Liang, Xu-shu (au.); 王海云 (著)=Wang, Hai-yun (au.); 盛龑海 (著)=Sheng, Yan-hai (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2017
  敦煌研究院藏敦煌文獻殘片續綴=Splicing Fragmental Dunhuang Manuscripts Collected in the Dunhuang Academy 王海云 (著)=Wang, Hai-yun (au.); 梁旭澍 (著)=Liang, Xu-shu (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2021
  敦煌藏3葉婆羅謎字梵語 - 回鶻語雙語《法身經》殘片釋讀=Three Leaves of the Sanskrit - Uigur Bilingual Dharmasarīrasūtra in Brāhmī Script 范晶晶 (著)=Fan, Jing-jing (au.); 彭金章 (著)=Peng, Jin-zhang (au.); 王海云 (著)=Wang, Hai-yun (au.) 敦煌研究=Dunhuang Research 2018