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Sekimori, Gaynor  


7 bibliography, 4 full-text accessible.  

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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  A History Of Japanese Religion Kasahara, Kazuo; McCarthy, Paul; Sekimori, Gaynor 2007
  Book Review: Engendering Faith: Women and Buddhism In Premodern Japan. General Editor Barbara Ruch. Ann Arbor: University Of Michigan, Center for Japanese Studies, 2002. Pp. lxxviii + 706. ISBN 1-929280-15-7. The Power Of Denial: Buddhism, Purity, and Gender. By Bernard Faure. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2003. Pp. 466. ISBN Cloth 0-691-09170-6. ISBN Paper 0-691-09171-4 Sekimori, Gaynor International Journal of Asian Studies 2004.06
  Defining Shugendō Past and Present: the "Restoration" of Shugendō at Nikkō and Koshikidake Sekimori, Gaynor Cahiers d'Extême-Asie 2009
  Essentials of Buddhism: Basic Terminology and Concepts of Buddhist Philosophy and Practice Mizuno, Kogen ; Sekimori, Gaynor ; De Jong, J. W. 1996.12
  Japanese Mountain Religion: Shrines, Temples and the Development of Shugendō Hitoshi, Miyake; Yamamoto, Miyabi; Sekimori, Gaynor Cahiers d'Extême-Asie 2009
  Paper Fowl and Wooden Fish: The Separation of Kami and Buddha Worship in Haguro Shugendō, 1869–1875. Sekimori, Gaynor Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 2005
  書評 Jacqueline I. Stone and Mariko Namba Walter eds., Death and the afterlife in Japanese Buddhism Sekimori, Gaynor (著) 日本仏教綜合研究=Interdisciplinary Studies in Japanese Buddhism=ニホン ブッキョウ ソウゴウ ケンキュウ 2011.05.31