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Watts, Jonathan  


11 bibliography, 5 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

Watts, Jonathan S.


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  A Brief Overview of Buddhist NGOs in Japan Watts, Jonathan S. Japanese Journal of Religious Studies 2004
  Buddhismus und Wirtschaft Sangharakshita, Urgyen (著); Watts, Jonathan (著); Loy, David (著); Liegl, Werner (著); Wagner, Hans-Günter (著); Phra Paisan Visalo (著) 2000
  Karma for Everyone: Social Justice and the Problem of Re-ethicizing Karma in Theravada Buddhist Societies Watts, Jonathan Think Sangha 2005.04
  Never Die Alone: Death as Birth in Pure Land Buddhism Various; Tomatsu, Yoshiharu; Watts, Jonathan 2008.07.18
  Rethinking Karma: The Dharma of Social Justice Watts, Jonathan Think Sangha 2004.05
  Rethinking Karma: The Dharma of Social Justice Watts, Jonathan S. 2010.01.08
  The "Positive Disintegration" of Buddhism: Reformation and Deformation in the Sri Lankan Sangha Watts, Jonathan Think Sangha 2005.04
  The Religion of Consumption: A Buddhist Perspective Loy, David R.; Watts, Jonathan Development 1998.03
  The Vihara of Compassion: an Introduction to Buddhist Care for the Dying and Bereaved in the Modern World Watts, Jonathan Contemporary Buddhism: An Interdisciplinary Journal 2012.05
  ホームページによる教化情報提供運営:英語によるホームページ Watts, Jonathan; 戸松義晴 教化研究=Journal of Jodo Shu Edification Studies=キョウカ ケンキュウ 2002
  米国における仏教チャプレンシーの発展と日本におけるその意義=Contemplative Engagement : The Development of Buddhist Chaplaincy in the United States & Its Meaning for Japan 神仁 (著)=Jin, Hitoshi (au.); Watts, Jonathan S. (著) 日本仏教教育学研究=Journal of the Nippon Buddhist Education Research Association=ニホン ブッキョウ キョウイクガク ケンキュウ 2019.03