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Young, Richard Fox  


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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Abortion, Grief and Consolation: Prolegomena to a Christian Response to Mizuko Kuyo Young, Richard Fox Japan Christian Quarterly 1989.12.12
  An early Sinhalese Buddhist tract against the Christian doctrine of creation Young, Richard Fox Zeitschrift für Missionswissenschaft und Religionswissenschaft 1985.01
  Deus Unus or Dei Plures Sunt? The Function of Inclusivism in the Buddhist Defense of Mongol Folk Religion against William of Rubruck(1254). Universality and Uniqueness in the Context Religious Pluralism Young, Richard Fox Journal of Ecumenical Studies 1989
  Jesus. The ‘Christ' and Deguchi Onisaburo: A Study of Adversarial Syncretism in a Japanese World-Renewal Religion Young, Richard Fox Japanese Religions=日本の諸宗教 1989.07
  Perspectives on Christianity in Korea and Japan:the gospel and culture in East Asia [based on pprs from confs held at MeijiGakuin Univ, Yokohama, Japan, F 26-28 1991, and Ja 5-7 1993;bibliog, repr] Mullins, Mark R.; Young, Richard Fox 1995
  Religion in ‘the Hateful Age': Reflections on Pokkuri and Other Geriatric Rituals in Japan's Aging Society Ikeuchi, Fuki; Young, Richard Fox Japanese Religions=日本の諸宗教 1995.07
  The Carpenter-Prēta: An Eighteenth-Century Sinhala-Buddhist Folktale about Jesus Young, Richard Fox Asian Folklore Studies 1995
  Vain debates:the Buddhist-Christian controversies of 19th-century Ceylon Young, Richard Fox 1996