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Giebel, Rolf W.  

+1954 ~

19 bibliography, 3 full-text accessible.  

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Alternative Names:

ギーブル, ロルフ = Giebel, Rolf


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  「大金剛妙高山楼閣陀羅尼」について - その還梵を中心に Giebel, Rolf W. 佛教學=Journal of Buddhist Studies=仏教学=ブッキョウガク 1993.12
  『蘇悉地羯囉経』 原典研究初探 -- 漢字音釈奉献願偈等の推定還梵を中心に=A Preliminary Textual Study of The Susiddhikara-Sutra With Sanskrit Reconstructions of Fourteen Verses ギーブル, ロルフ=Giebel, Rolf W. 東方学=Eastern Studies=トウホウガク=Tohogaku 2000.01.31
  『抜済苦難陀羅尼経』雜考=A Note on The Pa-chi k'u-nan t'o-lo-ni ching Giebel, Rolf W.=ギーブル, ロルフ 東方学=Eastern Studies=トウホウガク=Tohogaku 1993.07.31
  An Introduction to Buddhism Takasaki, Jikido=高崎直道 ; Giebel, Rolf W. 1987.07
  An introduction to Buddhism [1st ed.] Takasaki, Jikido ; Giebel, Rolf W. 1987
  An Introduction to the Buddhist Canon=大藏經入門 Giebel, Rolf W. ; Giebel, Rolf W. ; 釋願炯 ; 釋印海 1995
  Avalokiteśvara of the “Three and a Half Syllables”: A Note on the Heart-Mantra Ārolik in India Revire, Nicolas (著); Sanyal, Rajat (著); Giebel, Rolf (著) Arts Asiatiques 2021
  BDK English Tripitaka 20-I, 26-I Kakuban ; Ku?kai ; Giebel, Rolf W. ; Todaro, Dale Allen 2004
  Gettan Osho kana hogo:gozanban Giebel, Rolf W. 1984
  Introduction to the philosophy of Nagarjuna Giebel, Rolf W. ; Tachikawa, Musashi 1997
  Notes on Some Sanskrit Texts Brought Back to Japan by Kūkai Giebel, Rolf W. Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies 2012
  Shingon Texts Giebel, Rolf W. ; Todaro, Dale Allen 2004
  The Chin-kang-ting ching yu-ch'ieh shih-pa-hui chih-kuei: An Annotated Translation Giebel, Rolf W. 成田山仏教研究所紀要=Journal of Naritasan Institute for Buddhist Studies=ナリタサン ブッキョウ ケンキュウジョ キヨウ 1995.03.28
  The Life of the Tang Court Monk Vajrabodhi as Chronicled by Lü Xiang (呂向) : South Indian and Śrī Laṅkān Antecedents to the Arrival of the Buddhist Vajrayāna in Eighth-Century Java and China Sundberg, Jeffrey Roger ; Giebel, Rolf W. Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies 2011
  The Vairocanâbhisambodhi Sutra Giebel, Rolf W. ; Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research 2006.02.13
  チベット佛教繪畫集成:ハンビッツ文化財團藏--タンカの藝術 第 2 卷=Art of Thangka 田中公明=Tanaka, Kimiaki ; ギーブル, ロルフ 2000.04
  チベット密教の一断面 -- ツォンカバ造「真言道次第論」を中心に ギーブル, ロルフ 東洋學術研究=The Journal of Oriental Studies 1982.11
  大藏經入門=An Introduction to the Buddhist Canon Giebel, Rolf W. ; 釋願炯=Shih, Yuan-chiung ; 釋印海=Shih, Yin-hai 2003
  密教的実践における象徴をめぐる試論 -- 月輪観を中心に Giebel, Rolf W. 東洋學術研究=The Journal of Oriental Studies 1981.10