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DeGraff, Geoffrey  


7 bibliography, 4 full-text collected. (Not Yet Authorization

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Alternative Names:


Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Handful of Leaves: an Anthology from the Sutta Pitaka Thanissaro Bhikkhu; DeGraff, Geoffrey 2017
  Meditations 7: Dhamma Talks Thanissaro Bhikkhu; DeGraff, Geoffrey 2016
  Noble Strategy:Essays on the Buddhist Path DeGraff, Geoffrey 1999
  Pure and Simple: The Buddhist Teachings of a Thai Laywoman DeGraff, Geoffrey; Upasika Kee Nanayon=K. Khao-suan-luang 2005.05
  The Buddhist Monastic Code : the Patimokkha Training Rules DeGraff, Geoffrey 2007
  The Buddhist Monastic Code II: the Khandhaka Rules DeGraff, Geoffrey 2007
  The Buddhist religions: a historical introduction DeGraff, Geoffrey; Johnson, Willard L.; Robinson, Richard H. 2005