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Chi, Chih-chang


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  「一與二合,數則為三」? ── 蕭統〈二諦義〉之命意及其與 「三諦」思維的交涉研究=Does “One plus Two Equal Three”?: A Study on the Negotiation between the Implied Meaning of Xiao Tong’s “Philosophy of Two Levels of Truth” and Ideological Trend of Current “Triple Truth” 紀志昌 =Chi, Chih-chang 臺大佛學研究=Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies 2019.12
  「萬方有罪,在予一人」 ── 談南朝懺法中的家國關懷="When Guilt Is Found Anywhere, Let It Rest on Me": Concern for the Homeland in Southern Dynasties Repentance Dharma 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 清華學報 2018.03
  中國佛教文學史(上冊) 蕭麗華 (著)=Hsiao, Li-hua (au.); 胡素華 (著); 吳靜宜 (著)=Wu, Chin-yi (au.); 梁麗玲 (著)=Liang, Li-ling (au.); 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.); 許聖和 (著) 2021.12.03
  六朝佛法「殺生戒」與世教祠祀信仰的交涉=The Interplay between the Precept Forbidding Killing and the Rituals Associated with Mundane Teachings in Six Dynasties Buddhism 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 漢學研究=Chinese Studies 2016.03.01
  六朝佛法與世教交涉下的戒殺論述=“Discourse on Refraining from Killing”: Views from Buddhism and the Mundane Teachings during the Six Dynasties 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 中國文哲研究集刊=Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy 2014.09.01
  名教與佛教 ── 東晉沙門敬王論議中的「儒」「佛」交涉思維研究=Coufucain Ethical Codes and Buddhism: Research on Confucian-Buddhist Thought Interplay in the Debate of Monks`Need to Revere the King during Eastern Jin 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 漢學研究=Chinese Studies 2007.06.01
  兩晉佛教居士研究 紀志昌 2007.10
  兩晉佛教居士研究=The Research on Lay Buddhist during Two Jin 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 2007.10
  東晉「沙門袒服」論所反映儒、佛身體觀的順逆之辨及其文化意涵='Obeying' and 'Opposing' in Confucian and Buddhist Conceptions of the Body as Reflected in the Eastern Jin Debate over Buddhists"Baring the Right Shoulder" 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 漢學研究=Chinese Studies 2011.12.01
  東晉居士郗超「奉法要」疏解=An Explanatory Note on Chih Chao's "Feng Fa Yao (Rules for Observing the Dharma)" 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 漢學研究集刊=Han Hsueh Yen Chiu Chi K'An 2007.12
  東晉居士劉遺民綜考=A Study on the Lay Buddhist Liu Yimin of the Eastern Jin Dynasty 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 臺大中文學報=Bulletin of the Department of Chinese Literature N.T.U. 2007.12
  東晉南朝禮懺之型態與發展歷程研究=A Study on the Form and Development of Repentance Ritual in the Eastern Jin and Southern Dynasties 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 成大中文學報=Journal of Chinese Literature of National Cheng Kung University 2019.09.01
  東晉戴逵之佛教理解及其於三教交涉意義析探 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 臺大中文學報=Bulletin of the Department of Chinese Literature N.T.U. 2005.12
  南朝「踞食論義」所反映儒、佛交涉的理論思維與文化意涵=Differences in Confucian and Buddhist Thought and Cultural Implications Reflected in the "Debate Over Eating While Squatting" in the Southern Dynasties 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 臺大文史哲學報=Humanitas Taiwanica 2012.05
  南朝清談:論辯文化與三教交涉在南朝的發展=Nanchao Qingtan: The Development of Argumentative Culture and Syncretism of Three Teachings in Southern Dynasties 紀志昌 2020.04.17
  南齊張融的「道」「佛」交涉思維試釋 -- 以《門律.通源》中與周顒的對話為主 紀志昌=Chi, Chih-chang 「佛教思想與文學」國際學術研討會會議論文 2008.11.22-23
  南齊張融的道佛交涉思維試釋:以《門律.通源》中與周顒的對話為主=Negotiating Thinking of Daoism and Buddhism in the Interpretation of Zhang Rong of the Southern Qi: Focusing on the Conversation with Zhou Yong in “Tongyuan” in Menlü 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 中國文哲研究集刊=Bulletin of the Institute of Chinese Literature and Philosophy 2009.09.01
  晉、宋時期《易》學思維在儒、佛交涉中應用的考察=Study on Thoughts of Zhouyi in Jin Song Dynasties in the Interplay between Confucianism and Buddhism 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 文與哲=Literature 2015.12
  從中古佛教徒的「辟穀」受容談《佛三廚經》思維與行法的道、佛交涉意義=The Interaction between Taoism and Buddhism and Its Meanings: Sutra of the Three Kitchens and Its Practice from the Perspective of "Bigu" in Medieval China 紀志昌 漢學研究=Chinese Studies 2021.12.01
  統略本《淨住子》懺法的引經模式與編撰觀點試論=On the Quotation Model and Viewpoints of Compilation of the Abridged Version of the Repentance Dharma of Jingzhuzi (Ascetic Practitioners) 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 臺大佛學研究=Taiwan Journal of Buddhist Studies 2016.12
  統略本《淨住子》懺法的引經模式與編撰觀點試論 紀志昌 2015東亞佛教思想文化國際學術研討會 2015.10.16 -18
  慧琳〈白黑論〉儒佛交涉之思理探微 ── 以其運用「得意」方式為主所作的觀察=A Study on the Thinking of Interplay between Confucianism and Buddhism in Hui Lin's Bai Hei Lun ── An Observation Mainly Based on "Getting the Meaning" Used in the Book 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 文與哲=Literature 2011.06
  辨名析理與儒佛交涉 ── 以南朝「達性」論諍為例=Interpretation of Variations and the Communication between "Confucianism" and "Buddhism" : Focusing on "Da Xing Luen" in Southern Dynasty 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 文與哲=Literature 2010.06
  魏晉時期瑯琊王氏奉佛考=Buddhist Creed of the Lanye-Wang Clan in the Weijin Period 紀志昌 (著)=Chi, Chih-chang (au.) 中正大學中文學術年刊 2007.06.01