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Unno, Taitetsu


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  "Personal Rights and Contemporary Buddhism" Unno, Taitetsu Human Rights and the World's Religions 1988
  Book Review: "No Abode: The Record of Ippen", by Dennis Hirota Unno, Taitetsu Philosophy East and West 1989.10
  Book review: "Toward a Contemporary Understanding of Pure Land Buddhism: Creating a Shin Buddhist Theology in a Religiously Plural World," by Dennis Hirota Unno, Taitetsu; Ingram, Paul O. Buddhist-Christian Studies 2002
  Book Review: Hua-yen Buddhism: The Jewel Net of Indra. By Francis H. Cook. Unno, Taitetsu (著)=海野大徹 (au.) The Journal of Asian Studies 1978.11
  Books:River of Fire, River of Water:An Introduction To The Pure Land Tradition of Shin Buddhism Unno, Taitetsu 1998.04.13
  Buddhism of the Heart: Reflections on Shin Buddhism and Inner Togetherness Wilson, Jeff; Unno, Mark; Unno, Taitetsu 2009.04.28
  Coffinman: The Journal of a Buddhist Mortician Yokoyama, Wayne Shigeto (譯); Unno, Taitetsu (前言); Turner, Jon (序); Aoki, Shinmon (著) 2004.04.01
  Contrasting Images of the Buddha Unno, Taitetsu Buddhist-Christian Studies 1999
  Eightfold Path Unno, Taitetsu Encyclopedia of Religion 1986
  Emptiness and reality in Mahayana Buddhism Unno, Taitetsu The religious philosophy of Nishitani Keiji 1989
  Forging New Horizons of Religious Awareness: Two Reviews of "Buddhist-Christian Dialogue" Habito, Ruben L. F. ; Unno, Taitetsu Buddhist-Christian Studies 1990
  Interior Practice in Shin Buddhism Unno, Taitetsu Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies 1990
  Is there a god? A buddhist answer Unno, Taitetsu
  Jesus Prayer and the Nembutsu Unno, Taitetsu Buddhist-Christian Studies 2002
  Karuna Unno, Taitetsu Encyclopedia of Religion 1986
  Living in Amida's Universal Vow: Essays in Shin Buddhism Bloom, Alfred ; Unno, Taitetsu 2004.06.25
  Mahayana Buddhism:an approach to its essence Unno, Taitetsu 1989
  Mappo Unno, Taitetsu Encyclopedia of Religion 1986
  Personal rights and contemporary Buddhism Unno, Taitetsu Human rights and the world's religions 1988
  San-lun, T'ien-T'ai, and Hua-yen Unno, Taitetsu (著) Buddhist Spirituality: Indian, Southeast Asian, Tibetan, and Early Chinese 1994
  Shin Buddhism Unno, Mark; Unno, Taitetsu Insight Journal =Full moon Insight Journal 2009
  Shin Buddhism and metanoetics Unno, Taitetsu The Religious Philosophy of Tanabe Hajime: The Metanoetic Imperative 1990
  Shin Buddhism Bits Of Rubble Turn Into Gold Unno, Taitetsu 2002
  Shin Buddhism: Bits of Rubble Turn to Gold Unno, Taitetsu 2002.09.17
  The Buddhata Theory of Ea-tsang Unno, Taitetsu Transactions of the International Conference of Orientalists in Japan 1963
  The Concept of Gratitude in Shin Buddhism Unno, Taitetsu Pacific World: Journal of the Institute of Buddhist Studies 1985
  The Dimensions of Practice in Hua-yen Thought Unno, Taitetsu 仏教思想史論集 : 結城教授頌寿記念=Essays on the history of Buddhist thought presented to Professor Reimon Yūki on his retirement from the Institute of Oriental Culture, The University of Tokyo 1964
  The Middle Path of Buddhism Unno, Taitetsu Religious Humanism 1992
  The nature of religious experience in Shin Buddhism Unno, Taitetsu The other side of God 1981
  The Religious Philosophy of Nishitani Keiji: Encounters with Emptiness Unno, Taitetsu 1989
  The Religious Philosophy of Tanabe Hajime: The Metanoetic Imperative Heisig, James W.; Unno, Taitetsu 1990
  Towards Shin Buddhist Dharmology Unno, Taitetsu; 信楽峻麿先生傘寿記念論集委員会 親鸞と浄土教 -- 信楽峻麿教授還暦記念論集 1986.09
  Views & Reviews: The Past as a Problem of the Present : Zen, the Kyoto School, and Nationalism Unno, Taitetsu (著)=海野大徹 (au.) The Eastern Buddhist=イースタン・ブディスト 1997
  When broken tiles become gold [Zen, Pure Land Buddhism; figs] Unno, Taitetsu Of human bondage and divine grace 1992
  Worship and Cultic Life:Buddhist Clitic Life in East Asia Unno, Taitetsu Encyclopedia of Religion 1986