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18 bibliography, 12 full-text collected. (Not Yet Authorization

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Alternative Names:

Chang, Mei-lan = Chang, Mi-ran = Zhang, Mei-lan = 장미란


Individual Author

Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  《五燈會元》動量詞研究 張美蘭 2003
  《祖堂集》祈使句及其指令行為的語力級差=The Imperative Sentences and Their Directives Gradations The Illocutionary Force Concerned on Zutangji 張美蘭 (著)=Zhang, Mei-lan (au.) 清華大學學報 (哲學社會科學版)=Journal of Tsinghua University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2003
  《祖堂集》語言研究概述=A Brief Account of the Linguistic Research on "Zutang Ji" 張美蘭=Zhang, Mei-lan 中國禪學=Chan Studies 2002.06
  中古漢譯佛典中工具名詞的句法結構 張美蘭 漢文佛典語言學國際學術研討會(第3屆) 2008.11.02
  北朝시대 僧徒정책의 이중성과 의미 -- 北朝廢佛을 중심으로=The meaning and duality of the monk certification policy in the Northern Dynasties -- focusing on the Buddhist Persecutions 장미란 (著)=Chang, Mi-ran (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2020.08.28
  北朝廢佛에 관한 小考=A Study on the Destuction Buddhism(廢佛) of North Dynasties(北朝時代) 張美蘭 (著)=Chang, Mi-ran (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2003.02
  空思想の格義的理解について - 老荘思想の無との関係を中心に=The Understanding of Emptiness Obtained through keyi : the Nothingness (wu) of Laozhuang Thought 張美蘭 =Chang, Mi-ran 印度學佛教學研究 =Journal of Indian and Buddhist Studies=Indogaku Bukkyōgaku Kenkyū 2003.12
  동아시아의 출가와 한국불교의 특징=Buddhist Ordination in East Asia and the characteristics of Korean Buddhism 장미란 (著)=Chang, Mi-ran (au.) 선학=禪學=Journal of Seon Studies 2018.08.30
  後周 世宗의 고민과 폐불령=Emperor Shizong’s Woes and His Imperial Decree of Buddhist Persecution 장미란 (著)=Zhang, Mei-lan (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2016.08.30
  唐 武宗의 불교정책과 禪宗=The Buddhism Suppression Policy of T'ang Emperor Wu-tsung and the Rise of Zen Buddhism 장미란 (著)=Chang, Mi-ran (au.) 선학=禪學=Journal of Seon Studies 2010.04.30
  唐末五代變革期 선종의 흥기배경=Background of Zen's Uprising in the late Tang and the transitional Five Dynasties periods 장미란 (著)=Chang, Mi-ran (au.) 선학=禪學=Journal of Seon Studies 2010.08.30
  祖堂集校注 張美蘭=Chang, Mei-lan 2009.12.01
  梵語悉曇章在中國的傳播與影響,從《正法華經》看竺法護的翻譯特點,《五燈會元》動量詞研究 佛光山文教基金會; 葛維鈞; 張美蘭 2003
  梵語悉曇章在中國的傳播與影響/ 從《正法華經》看竺法護的翻譯特點/《五燈會元》動量詞研究 周廣榮=Zhou, Guang-rong; 張美蘭=Zhang, Mei-lan; 葛維鈞 2003
  童行의 제도화와 의미=Institutionalization of Tongxing and its significance 장미란 (著)=Chang, Mi-ran (au.) 불교연구=佛教研究=Bulgyo-Yongu 2020.02.28
  중국불교사의 연구동향과 전망=A Study on the Research Trends and Prospect of the Chinese Buddhism 장애순 (著)=Jang, Ae-sun (au.); 장미란 (著)=Chang, Mi-ran (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2013.12
  禪宗語言概論 張美蘭=Zhang, Mei-lan 1998
  한국 사리신앙의 전래와 성격=A Study of the Transmission and Character of Buddhist Relics(Śarīra) Worship into Korea 장미란 (著)=Chang, Mi-ran (au.) 한국불교학=韓國佛教學 2013.10.31