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Zhang, Xin-min


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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  「獦獠作佛」公案與東山禪法南傳 -- 讀敦煌寫本《六祖壇經》劄記=The "Geliao Becomes a Buddha" Gongan and the Southward Spread of the Dongshan Lineage: Notes on the Dunhuang Version of the Platform Sutra 張新民 (著)=Zhang, Xin-min (au.) 中華佛學學報=Chung-Hwa Buddhist Journal=Journal of Chinese Buddhist Studies 2003.09
  心學思想世界的建構與拓展(上)-以王陽明整合儒佛思想資源的學術活動為中心=The Construction and Development of Wang Yangming's Vision of Heart-and-mind(I) - An Investigation Centered around Wang Yangming's Academic Activities on the Intergration of Confucianism and Buddhism 張新民 (著)=Zhang, Xin-min (au.) 鵝湖月刊=Legein Monthly 2018.09.01
  佛教智慧叢書序 張新民 =Zhang, Xin-min 閩南佛學院學報=Journal of Minnan Buddhist College 1995
  季滇黔高僧赤松和尚與瞿脈禪師合論 張新民=Zhang, Xin-min 中國賓川雞足山佛教文化論壇論文集 2003.04.12
  法華經今譯 鳩摩羅什=Kumarajiva; 張新民 1994
  法華經今譯 龔妮麗; 張新民 (譯)=Zhang, Xin-min (tr.) 1994.12
  區域宗教文化研究的重要成果 -- 評王路平先生新著《貴州佛教史》=An Important Achievement in Cultural Research of Regional Religion: A Comment on a new Book "Buddihism History in Guizhou" of Mr. Wang Luping 張新民 (著)=Zhang, Xin-min (au.) 貴州民族研究=Guizhou Ethnic Studies 2001.09
  清代高僧善一禪學思想綜論 張新民 =Zhang, Xin-min 閩南佛學院學報=Journal of Minnan Buddhist College 1999.12
  敦煌寫本《壇經》「獦獠」詞意新解 張新民 貴州大學學報(社會科學版)=Journal of Guizhou University 1997
  華嚴經今譯 張建建; 張新民 (譯)=Zhang, Xin-min (tr.) 1994.12
  貴州佛教文化與典藉 張新民=Zhang, Xin-min 貴州日報 1997.02.06
  蓮月印正禪法綜論 張新民 佛學研究=Research of Buddhism 1999
  禪道澄明意義世界的呈現 ── 臨濟宗高僧善一如純及其禪法特點=Clarification of the Significant World Advocated by Buddhism: The purity of Shanyi, an eminent monk of Linji Sect and the features of his Buddhist practice 張新民 (著)=Zhang, Xin-min (au.) 貴州大學學報(社會科學版)=Journal of Guizhou University 2001.01