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Alternative Names:

Yang, Yih-feng


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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  《摩訶般若波羅蜜經》的思想研究, 楊翼風 楊翼風 2009.10
  由緣起論看佛教倫理學及其現實意義 楊勇; 楊翼風 蘭州學刊=Lanzhou Academic Journal 2006
  金剛界五方佛壇城的意義及其造像基本原則初探=A Study of the Meaning of the Mandala of Five Dhyāni-Buddhas of Vajradhātu and the Basic Principles of Making Its Image 楊翼風 (著)=Yang, Yih-feng (au.) 新世紀宗教研究=New Century Religious Studies 2009.09
  從《達摩袓師傳》探討佛教「動態式」倫理觀:由佛教菩提道次第的角度出發=The Movie Master of Zen and Buddhist Variable Ethics Principles:From the Viewpoint of the Stages of the Path of Buddhist Bodhi Way 楊翼風 (著)=Yang, Yih-feng (au.) 慈濟技術學院學報=Journal of Tzu Chi College of Technology 2014.09
  論金剛經的三層心 -- 「住相生心」、「不住相生心」、「無所住生心」=A Study of the Three Layers of the Mind State in Diamond Sutra : Attaching-Mind, Non-Attaching Mind, Pure Mind 楊翼風 (著)=Yang, Yih-feng (au.) 玄奘佛學研究=Hsuan Chuang Journal of Buddhism Studies 2006.07.01