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Liu, Dan


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Fulltext Title Author Source Date
  Patronage And Meaning Of Tibetan Buddhist Temples Decreed By The Qing Emperors In Central China In The Early And Middle Qing Dynasty. Liu, Dan (著) 2011.01
  中國佛教慈善的現狀與未來 王月清 (著); 劉丹 (著) 江海學刊=Jianghai Academic Journal (Bimonthly) 2010
  基督教與佛教在中國傳播命運不同的原因=Why Different Consequences of Christianity and Buddhism Spreadings in China? 劉丹 (著)=Liu, Dan (au.) 貴州師範大學學報 (社會科學版)=Journal of Guizhou Normal University (Social Science) 2001
  基督教與佛教在中國傳播命運迥異緣由的比較 劉丹 世界歷史=World History 2002
  敦煌《十誦律》寫本綴合研究=A studyon the Restoration of the Fragments of the Sarvāstivāda Vinaya from Dunhuang Manuscript 劉丹 (著)=Liu, Dan (au.); 王勇 (著)=Wang, Yong (au.) 敦煌學輯刊=Journal of Dunhuang Studies 2021
  敦煌本《摩訶僧祇律》殘卷綴合研究=On the Restoration of the Fragments of the Mahasangha Vinaya from Dunhuang Manuscripts 張涌泉 (著)=Zhang, Yongquan (au.); 劉丹 (著)=Liu, Dan (au.) 敦煌學輯刊=Journal of Dunhuang Studies 2018
  楞伽經 劉丹 2010.05.01